Sophia’s: The Diner With Booze That’s Here to Stay

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Written by AdrianneSalmon

Published on February 6, 2019

Sophia’s Omlette II / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Have you ever gone to a diner at noon on a Thursday and all you really want is a plate of pancakes and a plate of french fries, and you’re told that they only have hash browns? No? Well, NEWS FLASH, it’s disappointing. Insert diner joints like Sophia’s that don’t like to tell you no. You want to put hot sauce on your french toast? Sophia’s. Syrup on your eggs? Sophia’s. Onion rings in your bloody mary? Oh, wait. Sophia’s thought of that before you did!


It’s no secret that Sophia’s can satisfy your need for a good old fashioned diner brunch, and they’ve been doing it for a while, so we’re here to give them a little credit. I’ve heard a lot of folks bash Sophia’s and some of the changes they’ve made over the years, but I have to say – I’ve never had a bad, or even mediocre, experience.   


My go-to breakfast plate is always the Sophia’s Omelette II with spinach, tomatoes, onions, kalamata olives and feta cheese. If you’re into Greek food (AKA feta cheese), a plethora of fresh vegetables, and eggs, look no further than the Sophia’s Omelette II. While all of their omelettes are great, I just can’t get enough of this specific omelette. Disclaimer: I’m an olive fiend.

If I’m feeling frisky, I’ll force whoever my dining partner is to split a small stack of the apple cinnamon walnut pancakes (hint: they’re not small). These pancakes are all you need to be assured that the Sophia’s waffle, french toast, and any other sweet dish fires on all cylinders.


In the time that I’ve been going to Sophia’s, I’ve also had the pleasure of getting their benedict, breakfast sandwich, french toast, a variety of other omelettes, and of course, their bloody mary. All are a simple, good combination of solid ingredients and never try to be anything they’re not. Take, for example, the tuna melt my friend got last time. Crispy bread, melty cheese, tomato, lettuce and a tuna salad as it’s meant to be. Just look at it!

Tuna Melt at Sophia’s / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

If you pay attention to the bloody mary games in town, you know that Sophia’s was a Buffalo Bloody Mary Fest winner in 2017 with “Sammy’s Simple Bloody Mary” recipe. Well, they stick true to their recipe in a town where consistency matters a whole lot, and they’ve created a friendly camaraderie with other restaurants to become better, especially in their friendly bloody mary competitions!


One of my favorite things about Sophia’s? Real. Good. Bacon. I don’t mess with that plastic-y, weird bacon that so many of our long-standing diners use (WHY?!), so it’s refreshing when you can get a really nice plate of bacon, which I must. I’m a big egg / breakfast girl, so I haven’t explored much of their lunch side of the menu, but I’ve heard great things about their fried bologna, BLT, and burger. Which leads me to the question – what are you waiting for?! Go get that plate of fries with your breakfast platter – DO. YOU. BOO.



 749 Military Rd., Buffalo

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 7am – 3pm

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">AdrianneSalmon</a>

Written by AdrianneSalmon

Adrianne is the face behind the @buffalobrunch Instagram and she's enthusiastic about the up-and-coming food and drink scene in Buffalo. When she's not brunching or writing about it you can find her behind the pine at Ballyhoo. Adrianne enjoys yoga, cycling, and snowboarding to work off all of the Bloody Marys and pancakes.
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