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Written by Belinda

Published on December 30, 2015

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In the spirit of stepping out and getting the inside scoop on what our staff and contributors are all about heading into 2016 we asked them to graciously spill their guts on their food/drink/entertainment related New Year’s Resolutions (yes that’s a thing and you should all have one/ten)! Big thanks to all of our writers and staff that contributed to this list and all of you who make our content possible/awesome on the reg. We couldn’t do it without you!
Here’s what Step Out Buffalo is looking forward to experiencing around WNY this year.

Emily Marciniak, Contributor

“In the true spirit of New Year‘s resolutions, I want to try a new and different fitness class every other month. And to immediately contradict myself, I would also like to taste every pastry heart in Western New York in an attempt to find the best one.
I also want to get in the habit of trying new things- eating at new restaurants, attending new social events, shopping at new local stores… Because doing the same old thing is easy. In 2016, I want to mix it up!”

Delta Princess Cocktail at Toutant in Buffalo NY -

Delta Princess at Toutant / Step Out Buffalo

Emma Janicki-Gechoff, Contributor

“Stepping out New Year’s Resolution: I’ve spent the past two years writing about new ways to spend a Buffalo day so it’s perhaps a bit sacrilegious to admit that I rarely try all those new things. Instead, I’m very much a homebody and tend to stick to my consistent favorites.

I always order fried calamari and either the Tom Yum Seafood or Tom Yum Goong at Saigon Café; I pretty much only order from Abyssinia Ethiopian Cuisine at the West Side Bazaar; Sun Restaurant’s Own No Koksware (chicken coconut noodle soup) is my go-to meal when my Ulcerative Colitis acts up; and I’ve probably only ordered a drink other than red wine or beer about three times this past year.

There are only so many nights in the week and only so much money in my wallet, so experimenting with new foods or cocktails isn’t easy. I am more inclined to try a new restaurant than to switch up my order at a long-time favorite. I know I like a dry red, but have a weird, unfounded fear about cocktails being terrible, no matter how tasty they sound.

Publications like Step Out Buffalo may be endless sources of inspiration for a day or night out, but it’s much easier to say you want to do something than to actually go out and do it. Each time I peruse Step Out’s website or write my own article I think, “We should do that this week!” I think half of the reason I write the articles I do are to motivate my partner and I to go on more dates; it doesn’t really work though.

So, there’s my New Year’s Resolution.

Try at least two new things a month.

That definitely doesn’t sound like a lot, I know that. But my day job is in an elementary school. After spending an upwards of nine hours each day surrounded by energetic children, my couch is a lot more appealing than dragging my butt out to try a mahogany-covered whiskey bar.

At my job we place a lot of emphasis on goal-setting and self-care. There’s no way you can be good at your job if you aren’t happy and healthy. This past week, my partner and I went out on Thursday night to Sato Ramen (yes, I had been there before so not totally new) and to see the new Macbeth film. Although we spend every night together, there’s something infinitely more refreshing about getting out of our one-bedroom in the lower West side on a weeknight – and I was still home for my pre-10 p.m. bedtime – than fruitlessly searching Netflix for a new show before returning to Law & Order: SVU or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I felt better the next day, and that’s the crux of my New Year’s Resolution. Stepping out and trying new things is refreshing. My mind and body have to feel refreshed and motivated so I can perform at the level the kids in my classroom need. And for those of us who have been in relationships for years need refreshing activities to make new memories and uncover all the infinite personalities of our loved ones.

Step Out Buffalo makes it easy to find the new things to do – I need to resolve to do more of those new things.

Try cocktails, eat the food, and see live theater.

Really, I just need to step out a little bit more.”


The beer garden at Canalside in Buffalo

Canalside / Step Out Buffalo

Jessica Kelly, Contributor

“In 2016 I want to finally try the Lewiston Jet Boat Tours, make it to more of the free concerts at Canalside and add to my list of “strange but delicious” foods like the roasted bone marrow dish at The Lodge or the Kangaroo burger at Griffon’s Pub I had in 2015!”


Spring Lake Garden, Step Out Buffalo

Wald Fest / Step Out Buffalo

Dan Meyer, SOB Contributor

“There will be so much to see and do in 2016, but for me personally, I specifically want to accomplish the following:

  • Being a Village of Hamburg resident, I love to support the locally owned and operated restaurants in “The ‘Burg.” There are 12 months in a year and 10 different burgers listed on Juicy Burger Bar’s menu, so that sounds like a reasonable goal.
  • Sticking with the Village of Hamburg, I greatly look forward to dining at the former Buffalo Street Grill. What the Hamburg Hospitality Group (which also owns/operates the above mentioned Juicy Burger Bar) will be unveiling sometime in the spring is building, with the talk of a completely remodeled interior and a creatively designed rooftop bar causing myself and many others to anxiously count down the days as we await the opening of the yet-to-be-named restaurant/bar.
  • Working in downtown Buffalo, I hope to regularly visit each of the individual food cart vendors at least once in 2016 who are located throughout the city’s central business district. Like most Western New Yorkers, I am a big fan of food trucks, but we should never forget the original food trucks, the faithful food cart vendors who sell hot dogs, hamburgers and other treats to working stiffs based in the Queen City.
  • I plan to continue to regularly watch movies at The Palace Theatre in the Village of Hamburg but I also want to visit some of the other “mom and pop” movie houses in our region, including the New Angola Theater in the Village of Angola and the Aurora Theatre in the Village of East Aurora. I also vow to watch at least one movie at the Transit Drive-In in the City of Lockport.
  • I would like to enjoy more local theater, specifically the performances that take place at Shakespeare in Delaware Park, The Kavinoky Theatre in Buffalo and Buffalo Laboratory Theatre on the campus of Hilbert College in Hamburg.
  • Everyone I know enjoys the many summer festivals that take place each year in Western New York, and I am no exception. In 2016 I plan to attend some of the annual celebrations that I have not visited in quite some time, specifically the Buffalo Greek Fest, Old Home Days in the Village of Williamsville and Waldfest in East Aurora.”


Martin Cooks

Martin Cooks / Step Out Buffalo

Lauren Spoth, Creative Marketing Director

“There’s so many great new and old things all around this City that I have a running list going in my Notes app just to keep track of them all #literally. First and always foremost, the food and drink subsection: letting Hash Rule Everything Around Me during brunch at the Black Sheep, sitting at the same table the Rolling Stones sat at while eating dinner at Ristorante Lombardo, spending an entire afternoon sippin’ brews on the patio at Hamburg Brewery, and having a really nice, intimate dinner at Martin Cooks *this is a passive aggressive public shaming dedicated to my boyfriend because seriously they’ve been open for almost two years and I can only physically mention that I want to go so many times in one lifetime good grief*.
As far as fun things to do, the top priorities on my 2016 New Year‘s Resolution list are: taking a tour -self-guided walkabout or professionally guided- of Forrest Lawn Cemetery, seeing a celestial phenomenon through the “Obsession” telescope at Beaver Meadow Observatory and, on a related note, nerding out at the Ferguson Planetarium, getting an O-69 with the fabulous Drag Queens at Buffalo Gay Bingo, taking a walk on the wild side (and then having a really great meal) at Hidden Valley Adventure, riding the metro line from Fountain Plaza all the way to University and getting off at every stop to shamelessly take pics for Instagram, and letting my inner-child jump-free at Sky Zone Buffalo. *But seriously Ryan book a reservation for dinner at Martin Cooks.”

Tipico Coffee, Step Out Buffalo, Coffee Shops in Buffalo

Tipico / Step Out Buffalo

Emily Kluckhohn (theblonderooster), Director of Storytelling

“Starting in January I want to master the Harry Potter themed escape room at Trapped and I don’t care who knows it. After that, I’d love to drink more coffee at local coffee shops (particularly the new ones I haven’t been to much like Tipico, Grindhaus, Caffeology), revisit some of my favorite restaurants that I sadly hardly ever go to more than once (occupational hazard), spend some serious time at Lockhouse Distillery’s new bar, eat in Kenmore more often (Joe’s Panini Grill, La Divina, Home Taste – it’s a hell of a drive but whatever) and visit Lloyd Taco Factory at least once a month. And because most of these just happen to be food/drink related (weird), I’ll finish up with this – I’d like to try to entertain myself with more things than just food. For example I want to go to Helium Comedy Club like every other day.”

Sato Ramen, Step Out Buffalo

SATO Ramen / Step Out Buffalo

Chuck Kluckhohn (Homer Enthusiest), CEO

“Explore more (obv): new cuisines offered around WNY like at SATO Ramen and Pasion, experience more staycations, take more tours (Looking at you Explore Buffalo), see more small theater shows, and go out to listen to music. Trying 50 new restaurants in WNY is at the top of the list along with becoming well versed in whiskey/bourbon. Write several posts I haven’t gotten to yet. Play better golf, you know the usual.”
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Written by Belinda

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