How To: Dining Trends
How to: Sushi

How to: Sushi

Eating out is always easier when you know what you’re getting into, especially when it comes to sushi.

How to Navigate a Wine List

How to Navigate a Wine List

While Buffalo’s craft beer renaissance and craft cocktail scene are sexier than ever these days, it’s easy to forget about the third member of the Holy Trinity of Alcohol: wine.

How To: Craft Cocktails

Getting into craft cocktails can be a bit like swallowing the red pill in The Matrix – you can suddenly find yourself down a rabbit hole, surrounded by people that are way too fashion conscious, where the objects passing in front of your eyes may or may not be designed by some twisted form of artificial intelligence.

How to ‘Small Plates’

When considering how to approach a menu focused on small plates, you should first consider if it’s even the experience you’re looking for in a night out. We suggest you go for it!

How to Charcuterie

While the prosciuttos and sopressatas will look familiar to the habitual Wegmans shoppers among us, let’s break down some of the more abstruse offerings.


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