Talent & Passion Dazzles at Brick Oven Bistro & Deli

I’m always thrilled when I go to a restaurant and the food is better than expected. That probably shouldn’t have been the case at the Brick Oven Bistro & Deli. The quality of the food at this deli/bistro/pub is pretty well documented. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention? I first read about it on Buffalo Eats, Buffalo Rising and finally the News. I hate to feel like I’m jumping on the band wagon, but it is what it is.


I’ll be brief- the place is nice, clean and casual, the waitress was efficient and friendly, even the neighborhood has some charm. The food – outstanding. Like I said- better than I expected – by a lot, and I expected it to be good. The menu has some neat stuff and shows some flair, but mostly the food is created with TLC by someone with talent and passion, maybe several someones. I love it when that happens.

We ordered:

Hot Pepper Pizza- stuffed hot peppers, homemade pork sausage, marinara and mozzarella – $13

Chicken Parm Sandwich- with hand pulled mozzarella & marinara – $8

Roast Beef Club– house roasted beef, smoked bacon, tomato, mayo & romaine – $8

I’d like to say I’ll let the pictures do the talking (yes- the food is as good as it looks). However, I can’t because the food was too good not to say so. I’m pretty sure the Chicken Parm sandwich was the best I’ve ever eaten. I know it was just a chicken parmesan sandwich, but the chicken breast was tasty, juicy and perfectly cooked- sauce, cheese, roll…it was just really good.

I guess one shouldn’t be surprised that a place with “brick oven” in their name would have great pizza. A beautiful crust with flavor you can only get from the right oven. Throw in quality ingredients, a sprinkle of creativity, just the right touch, and you get a pizza that was only fantastic.

I won’t gush about the roast beef club, but like everything else it was really good.

Below is a sample of the items that look great on the menu. It’s long for obvious reasons but in truth there is much more:


Charcuterie Platter -selection of house-cured meats & artisan cheeses served with olives, tomato relish & garlic toast- $15.00


Pan Seared Chicken – provolone, tomato, romaine & mayo – regular or Cajun  – $8

BLT – thick cut bacon, fresh tomato, crisp lettuce, homemade mayo – $7

Steak Sandwich – carved angus stripling, hot peppers, onions, provolone, garlic aioli, fries & pickles- $11

Italian Bomber – capicola, salami, stuffed hot pepper, provolone & marinara – $9

Chicken Artichoke – fresh lemon, parmesan, artichokes, greens & olive oil – $9

Reuben – corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Thousand Island dressing – $9

Sandwich Toppings – Vermont Cheddar .50/ Bacon 1/ Maytag Bleu 1/ Mushrooms .50/ Egg .50/ Caramelized Onions .50/ Swiss .50/ Onion Rings 1/ Provolone .50/ BBQ .50/ Coleslaw .50/ Stuffed Hot Pepper 2/ Fresh Mozzarella 2


Brick Oven Pizza

Here are just a few of what they offer. I think I counted a dozen on the menu.  All pizzas are available for lunch and dinner.

Margherita Pizza – Hand-pulled mozzarella, San Marzano tomato and basil

Prosciutto – tomato & fresh mozzarella with imported prosciutto

Beef on Weck – House roasted beef, melted Swiss cheese and kimmelweck crust with horseradish aioli

Buffalo Chicken – roasted chicken, house hot sauce, bleu cheese, mozzarella

Steak & Egg – carved NY strip, garlic oil, hot peppers, mozzarella, fried egg & chive-

White – House ricotta with fresh tomato, arugula, prosciutto and EVOO

Reuben – corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Thousand Island dressing


Gluten Free Pasta & Vegetarian Options Available. Complimentary Mixed Greens or Chicken Noodle with your entree.

Beef Short Rib – fork tender beef, pappardelle, English peas in mushroom cream – $19.00

Veal  – lightly breaded cutlets, arugula & prosciutto salad, lemon vinaigrette, Parmesan & balsamic- $19.00

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin – arugula, goat cheese & cranberries over whipped potatoes with a port wine reduction- $21.00

Half Chicken – roasted chicken, smoked bacon risotto, pea shoots – $17.00

Steak Sandwich – carved angus strip loin, hot peppers, onions & provolone- $11.00

Pappardelle – homemade pasta, seasonal vegetables, lemon herb cream sauce – $14.00; add chicken $3.00; add shrimp $6.00.

Manicotti – homemade crepes, herb ricotta, marinara, grana padano – $15.00


Don’t forget Brunch, Sundays 10:30-1:30.

Breakfast Caeser – classic Caeser, homemade dressing & crouton, house cured bacon, finished with poached egg & shaved Parmesan  – $6.95

Crunchy French Toast Stack – stuffed with strawberry cream cheese & topped w/ cinnamon NY maple syrup, Bailey’s whipped cream – $6.95

Corned Beef Hash – a bed of home fries & corned beef, topped w/ poached eggs w/ choice of toast – $7.95

The Hangover – breakfast burrito w/ scrambled eggs, cheese, caramelized onions, hot peppers, home fries, sour cream & sausage – $9

Omelets – choose 3 ingredients w/ home fries & toast (ham, cheddar, mushrooms, onions, bacon, peameal bacon, hot peppers, green peppers, home fries, roast beef, sausage, turkey, tomatoes, capicola, salami, provolone, Swiss, feta, corned beef) – $9


Beverage: Their website states “The restaurant offers beer and wine food pairings and an incredible lineup of 18 craft beers on tap.” I didn’t see a wine list.

You have to love a menu that is covered with language like “house cured”, “homemade”, “San Marzano”, “peameal bacon”, “house ricotta”, and “hand-pulled mozzarella”. We were in just for a quick lunch. Clearly, I need to investigate this Brick Oven Bistro & Deli much further…probably sample everything on the menu.


904 Abbott Road Buffalo New York 14220

(716) 844-8496





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