Test Your Knowledge: What Do You *Really* Know About Chiavetta’s BBQ?

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Written by SOB Creative

Published on July 29, 2022

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Photo courtesy of Chiavetta’s BBQ

Summertime in Western New York is synonymous with grilling out in the backyard and Chiavetta’s mouthwatering chicken and BBQ sauce. 

But what do you really know about the history and backstory of this iconic Buffalo brand?


Photo courtesy of Chiavetta’s BBQ

The Beginning of BBQ 

Did you know: Chiavetta’s has been a family-run business here in Buffalo for 60+ years? Spanning 4 generations (and counting!) the Chiavetta legacy dates back to 1954, when Thomas and Eleanor Chiavetta were poultry farmers in rural Brant, New York. 

After discovering a unique style of BBQ, the couple was blown away, and the rest is history. With tang on their tongues and their eyes set to the future, the Chiavetta’s got cooking. 

Beginning with fire department cookouts and church picnics and eventually growing enough to purchase their own truck, Chiavetta’s quickly became (and stayed!) a local favorite. 

Photo courtesy of Chiavetta’s BBQ

The Rise of Chiavetta’s 

Fast forward to 1988, and the BBQ party’s just getting started. The Chiavetta brothers Peter and Paul team up with a local business partner, Phil, to take the Chiavetta’s brand to the next level. 

As the demand for Chiavetta’s exceptionally tasty marinades and dressings reached an all time high, the brothers branched out to the world of bottling. 

Selling 250 cases during their first year and doubling that output the year after, it’s easy to see how Chiavetta’s has grown into one of the most recognizable household names in BBQ. 

Did you know: Today, Chiavetta’s produces half a million bottles of its flagship flavor each and every year!


Photo courtesy of Chiavetta’s BBQ

Looking Ahead: The Future of BBQ

Since the creation of their family recipe back in 1954, Chiavetta’s has placed the Western New York community at the heart of everything they do.

And by celebrating and supporting other local businesses through their pop up events, fundraisers, and more, this is a tradition Chiavetta’s is gladly carrying into the current business and beyond. 

So what’s next for the Chiavetta’s brand? The sky’s the limit. Chiavetta’s continues to be a family owned and operated business with three generations of Chiavetta’s at the helm. 

You can find their show-stopping BBQ at pop up events around the city, or visit their two brick-and-mortar locations in the Southtowns (Brant, NY) and the Northtowns (Lockport, NY). Plus, they cater! For weddings, special events, and everything in between, Chiavetta’s has you covered with one of the best BBQs in the business. 

Chiavetta’s BBQ


6100 Fisk Road, Lockport


10654 Brant Angola Road, Brant

This article is a paid promotion sponsored by an SOB advertiser and designed to share valuable info with our readers.

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Written by SOB Creative

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