5 Fantastic Places to Grab Thai Food in WNY

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Written by Warren C. Daniels Jr.

Published on April 1, 2015
Roast Duck @ Jasmine Thai - Best Thai in Buffalo, NY

Roast Duck @ Jasmine Thai / Photo by @mydeadfriendhope

There are so many choices for Asian food in Buffalo, that it is sometimes hard to find which ones have the most authentic taste and feel. So, I took a trip around the Buffalo area to find which ones provided the best service, food and presentation. I had a little help finding these places from the fans on our Facebook page, so I thank all of you for the suggestions. Here are my favorites from the numerous places around town.


Teton Kitchen

Neighborhood: Cheektowaga

I found out about Teton when I was working for a large corporation in Depew and of course, I had to try it. When I first walked in, I was immediately impressed with the effort to provide a comfortable experience. We were sat in an invitingly bright and modern sitting area and brought our drinks within minutes. The Thai Iced tea was perfect and I pretty much became addicted to the Red and Penang curry for months. The Pad Thai is pretty awesome as well. The spiciness of the food is based on a number scale, and in my most humble opinion, Teton beats the competition in this area. Even after visiting a number of places I still think I haven’t had any Asian spicier than here, outside of the Indian dishes at India Gate and Kabab and Curry of course. I also realized pretty quickly, that for the chef at Teton, it isn’t about the esthetics of the dishes but the flavor, which pays off quite handsomely. The last thing that sets Teton at the top of my list is the fact that their chef likes to try new things and if you are lucky, you may get a free dish.

Ratings out of 5 | Restaurant Ambiance: 3.8, Food: 4, Service: 5, Food Presentation: 3

Overall experience: Great food and comfy, one of my favorite places.


Taste of Siam Ghang Musamun - Best Thai in Buffalo, NY

Taste of Siam Ghang Musamun / Photo by @mydeadfriendhope

Taste of Siam

Neighborhood: Downtown

This was my first trip to the Taste of Siam. After looking over the menu and trying the food, I can say confidently that this is one of the most authentic Thai places in Buffalo. The fact that they chose to forego the popular Asian fusion restaurant style gives a more in-depth look at Thai cuisine. Taste of Siam is located in the heart of the Elmwood district. It has a modern artsy feel mixed with a classic Buffalo style outlay and soothing earthy tones. We visited during lunch hours and I found the dining room to be refreshingly bright and airy. I had the Thai Iced tea and it was pretty good, although a bit too sweet for me, so I brought it home and gave the rest to my daughter. She loved it. She said it reminded her of a milkshake albeit a little less creamy. The house soup was fragrant, light and served with fresh ingredients. It was almost better than the main dish. I ordered the house curry, Ghang Musamun (Yellow & Red), it came with rice and a spring roll and was picture perfect. Seriously, I have had a lot of curry dishes and this one has to be the best I have had so far. I will be visiting here a lot more.

Ratings out of 5 | Restaurant Ambiance: 4 – Food: 5 – Service: 5 – Food Presentation: 4.5

Overall experience: This place is Tops!


Jasmine Thai Sampler Plate  - Best Thai in Buffalo, NY

Jasmine Thai Sampler Plate / Photo by @mydeadfriendhope

Jasmine Thai

Neighborhood: Tonawanda

Jasmine claims to be the original Thai restaurant to grace WNY and boasts 20 years of successful operation. The restaurant itself is a little outdated but the seating is very comfortable. The staff was really busy but even so, we were seated fairly quickly. Given their length of time in the restaurant business, I wanted to really test the food and atmosphere. So, I brought my son, brother-in-law and wife along with me. Dealing with children can be difficult for wait staff but the waitress dealt with my son’s restlessness very well and showed no sign of annoyance. For starters, we ordered the Jasmine sampler alongside the miso soup; the soup was a bit too salty, but still okay. The spring rolls and egg rolls were amazing! For dinner we had Hot Pepper Duck, Red curry, Chicken Pad Thai and Chicken Teriyaki. When the food was brought out, the presentation was close to 5 stars perfect and the flavors were blended almost to perfection. The duck was slightly gamey but just enough to blend perfectly with the spices. The Pad Thai was good but not the best I’ve had. The Red curry was better than expected and the Teriyaki was tender and light.

Ratings out of 5 | Restaurant Ambiance: 3.5 – Food: 4 – Service: 4.5 – Food Presentation: 4.5

Overall experience: A great place for a date night or a dinner out with the Kids.


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Orchid Sushi & Thai Summer Rolls - Best Thai in Buffalo, NY

Orchid Sushi & Thai Summer Rolls / Photo by @mydeadfriendhope

Orchid Sushi and Thai

Neighborhood: Kenmore

When I pulled up to Orchid, I felt a little let down. It seemed like a basic strip mall Asian restaurant and I thought to myself hold on, there must be something special, because it got good reviews on Yelp and of course, a few of our fabulous Facebook friends said it was a must. So, I pulled up my bootstraps and marched on. As I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised to find a simple, elegant and modern restaurant and bar. The tables were already set with a fan folded napkin, showing a sense of pride in presentation from the start. We were given water glasses as we were seated and our drinks were served almost as quick. For appetizers, we had the Gyoza (pan fried dumplings) which were amazing, and a summer roll (shrimp, mango, cucumber and lettuce wrapped in rice paper). The summer roll really tasted like a fresh summer day, and I know that’s a cheesy play on words, but I seriously could eat them all day! We had the Spicy Mango Chicken and the Thai Red Curry for our entrees. The food came out in a way much like the inside of the restaurant itself, soft and elegant but bright and fresh. As far as the service, you can’t get any better, spot on! Orchid is located in the Kenmore area and is well worth the visit.

Ratings out of 5 | Restaurant Ambiance: 4 – Food: 4 – Service: 5 – Food Presentation: 4

Overall experience: A great little gem, it’s worth the trip from downtown!



Tempura Ice Cream from Orchid Sushi & Thai / Photo by @mydeadfriendhope


Neighborhood: Downtown

I almost didn’t go here because I was trying to avoid the Asian fusion restaurants and find as many top notch authentic Thai places as I could, but my wife really wanted to try it and that my friends, was the end of that. The restaurant is open and modern with a mix of modern elegance and industrial styles coming together really well. The menu is not overly large, which is a bonus, as it makes ordering that much easier. For appetizers, we had the Chicken Pot Stickers and Chicken Tom Yum soup. The Pad Thai was served with fresh bean sprouts and a lemon, to complement the fish sauce. The peanuts were chopped very fine, so they did not over power the other subtle flavors of the dish. I was also given a choice of three levels of heat, which were served on the side. The Blackened fish salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, mozzarella and tamarind balsamic dressing, was made with salmon and had a nice blend of subtle seasoning and sweet and tangy flavors. The service was very good, quick and polite and the food presentation was perfect. I do have to admit, that even though I didn’t want to add this one to this piece, the Pad Thai was the best I have had so far.

Ratings out of 5 | Restaurant Ambiance: 4 – Food: 5 – Service: 4 – Food Presentation: 5

Overall experience: Happy and satisfied, some of the best Asian cuisine I have had in a while.

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