The Buffalo Touch



Written by Christina M. Abt

Published on April 18, 2014

If you’re going to feature a video on Polish food, polka music has to be in the mix.  So when we discovered a WNY Polish band with three Grammy nominations to their credit and band members included in both the International Polka Association and Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, Buffalo Touch seemed like the perfect music choice.

The core of Buffalo Touch is original band member, Ken Machelski.  From the group’s 1995 beginning, the band is now rounded out by Mike Nowakowski, Tadj, Rick Pijanowski, and Gary Krew. The guys in the band proudly note 20-years of performing throughout the United States and Canada under the banner of, “ America’s Party Polka Band”.  While their music definitely sets a party mood, no doubt the numerous “Na Zdrowie” toasts that they offer throughout their performances have helped build their reknown.

Buffalo Touch will be performing throughout WNY during the Dyngus Day season.  They will play at Polish Villa 2 on Dyngus Day beginning at 1pm.



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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Christina M. Abt</a>

Written by Christina M. Abt

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