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Richert Family Garage



Fun and food are the two abiding principles that seamlessly connect the Richert Family.  If their name is unfamiliar, you may recognize their business aliases, Torches, Smoke on the Water and The Garage Deli.  Richert Brothers, JJ, Kevin and Mark are the driving culinary forces behind some of the Queen City’s most well-respected eateries.  And whether fine dining or deli take out, the Richert’s food philosophy is always the same—highest quality ingredients blended into unique taste sensations that draw oohhs and ahhs from plate to palate.



JJ and Kevin began their family food dynasty together, chefing at Torches on the decidedly untrendy village side of Kenmore Avenue.  After setting WNY taste buds afire with their culinary skills, the brothers expanded to another village locale with their Smoke on the Water finger-lickin’ barbeque restaurant in Tonawanda. 

The sizzling pace of two locations dishing up high quality, yet distinct, menus dictated a division of brotherly talents.  These days Kevin has been joined by Mark in heating up Smoke on the Water’s kitchen while JJ continues to flame Torches hot reputation.  But all work and no play leaves the Richert Brothers wanting for more.  More what?  Fun and food, of course.

The boys opened the Garage Deli for lunch and early dinner trade in mid-2013.  It is set up in a building directly connected to Torches with a design for eat in or take out.  The décor is a combination motorcycle playground and have-fun-hangout, deliciously accented by off the chart sandwiches, made from scratch soups and an eclectic accessory of gourmet sides, homemade desserts and a crazy-sophisticated wine and beer list.



JJ describes the deli as a place where he and his brothers have fun working on their motorcycles (there are two actual bikes onsite, one in fully restored splendor and one in parts and pieces).  It is also where he and his wife, Cynthia, design and create the quality cuisine that has come to define the Family Richert.


>>Music for The Garage Deli video is by Mad Dukez. Read more about his unique talent, here.

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The Garage Deli Details:

1139 Kenmore Avenue, Buffalo NY | (716) 768-0780

Hours: Tues – Fri: 11 am – 5/6pm




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