Find Out Why The Wall Street Journal Called Buffalo a Pizza Destination

Bocce Club Pizza / Photo courtesy of Bocce Club Pizza

“This is parking-lot pizza—you’ll want to start eating in your car.”

Guyssss there is a road map to the best pizza in the country and Buffalo is on the list! The Wall Street Journal delves into the history of pizza in the U.S. and what goes into making a pizza so regionally renowned.


In the article, The WSJ gets specific with Bocce Club Pizza representing what makes Buffalo pizza so unique and specific to Western New York. Bocce Club’s pizza is described as “A New York slice with triple the cheese and twice the sauce, with a shortening-browned undercarriage and toppings spread to the edge. Baseline on these 18-inch monsters: cup-and-char pepperoni, concave rounds blackened around the ridge.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, in fact we are drooling over here. As per usual.

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