There’s a Reason Travel Experts Have Been Flocking to Buffalo

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Written by Andrea Diedrich

Published on July 10, 2019

Resurgence Brewing Co. / Photo x Christopher Lestak for Step Out Buffalo

” – it’s all so alien to me, and so American, and it fascinates me.”

It looks like Buffalo’s “rust belt decay and hipster renaissance” is leaving lasting impressions. In the travel column of i News, a British digital news brand, travel expert and editor, Julia Buckley is fascinated with all the things Buffalo has to offer. In the article, Buckley states how she has been to Bologna, Trieste, and Puglia, yet of all places, it was the Queen City, Buffalo, NY, that has captured her heart, landing it top of her list of places to travel to.


In fact, she is so interested in Buffalo, ever since she first visited in 2010, she has been making visits to the city and plans to return sometime this year. Buckley says, “It was the kind of bittersweet, history-soaked cultural trip that you tend not to associate with America.”

Well don’t we feel special!  You heard it Buffalonians, Buffalo is basically the perfect travel destination that keeps em’ coming back.

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Andrea Diedrich</a>

Written by Andrea Diedrich

Andrea is a Content Coordinator and writer for Step Out Buffalo. By day she enjoys using her creative side and researching all things Buffalo. By night you’ll find her exploring Buffalo’s waterfront, dining with friends or catching the latest show/concert in town.
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