4 Things That Make Ten Thousand Vines a Super Unique Winery

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Written by SOB Creative

Published on February 1, 2018

Ten Thousand Vines

If you don’t know your wines, get to know your winemaker. It’s good advice and one that Ten Thousand Vines in Hamburg has taken to heart.
The small local winery, located in the Village of Hamburg in a repurposed firehouse and jail, has taken it upon themselves to get to know their customers through some truly unique experiences.
Here are 4 things that make Ten Thousand Vines stand out as a winery:


Thing #1: They can assist you with home wine making

Ten Thousand Vines is more than a craft winery and tasting room. They are also a resource center for any home wine maker seeking assistance with their own wines.

Thing #2: They sell fresh-squeezed seasonal juice

Ten Thousand Vines sells the very juices they use to make wine at their winery. Pro tip: California and Italy sourced juices are available in September and Chile juices are available in April. Plus they stock over 100 different pasteurized juices all year long.


Thing #3: They have all the supplies you’ll need

They’ve got more than just juice, they stock home wine making supplies too! According to their website, it’s actually the widest selection of winemakers supplies, juices, and equipment in the area. Whether you need a beginner’s equipment kit and some tips to get started, or you are looking for some juice to make your next award winning wine, Ten Thousand Vines has what you need. Think fermentors, siphon and bottling equipment, bottles, corks and cleaners, along with kits like Argentine Malbec, Sonoma Dry Creek Chardonnay, and Blackberry to name a few.

Thing #4: They Offer Wine Making Classes

Want to make wine but have no idea where to start? Ten Thousand Vines offers Wine Making Classes to anyone who wants to learn more about making wine at home. The seminars cover the basics of wine making as well as any questions you might have. Each session takes place at their in-house winery, where you are introduced to the equipment and techniques that are used in the process. Step by step, they demonstrate how to start, stabilize, and bottle wine. These classes are great if you are curious about starting your own wine, or as a gift to the aspiring winemaker in your life. We’re obsessed.
Check out Ten Thousand Vines’ News & Events page to find out when classes are available. They are literally $10 per person, so it’s pretty much a no brainer if you ask us.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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