This French Bistro Has Tons of Lent-Approved Fish Fry Alternatives

Coco bar and bistro

Photo from Coco Bar & Bistro

Everyone’s all pumped up for fish fry season, but here’s a bold thought. What if you don’t like them? Or you’re sick of the everyday basic fish fry? Yeah, believe it or not those people exist.  We’re starting a series this lent season to give you some inspo for those Fridays when you’re over being a basic b.

Coco is well known in Buffalo for their selection of delicious trout dishes ($20).  The full fish is delivered to you with your choice of sauce.  The choices include fresh lemon cream, gorgonzola cream, horseradish caper, or citrus vinaigrette and really any of them pair nicely with such a mild fish like trout. The lemony herb seared fish comes with a side of potato-apple hash and peppery arugula that tastes great with any of the sauces, too!

Photo from Coco

Not into trout either? Coco has a wide variety of fresh mussel dishes available like the provençal mussels ($16) with tomato, wine, fresh garlic, and herbs, the Thai curry mussels ($16) with coconut red curry and cilantro, the sacre bleu mussels ($16) with gorgonzola cream, and more that come with a side of their fragrant rosemary frites. In addition to plenty of seafood options available, there are vegetarian pizzas like their caramelized mushroom pizza ($18) made with a drizzle of truffle oil, creamy ricotta, arugula, garlic oil, leeks, and parmesan. Coco has plenty of lent friendly options to keep you coming back for more!

Coco Bar & Bistro

888 Main St in Buffalo

(716) 885-1885 

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11AM-10PM, Friday 11AM-11PM, Saturday 5-11PM, and Sunday 4:30-9PM


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