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20 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Our Feelings On The 18-19 Bills Season

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Written by SarinaL

Published on December 10, 2018
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Ah, the Bills.

The beloved team of Western New York/anyone who’s ever lived here, the ongoing source of our collective region-wide emotional roller coaster, the reason we kissed a stranger at the bar that one time and also screamed at the tv so loud aliens beamed down to earth to tell us to quiet down. This season has been particularly full of extreme highs (tbt to when we all thought we were making the playoffs) and devastating lows (tbt to Nathan Peterman), and these memes sum up what every true Bills fan has been feeling & thinking all season long.

1. Remember when Vontae Davis retired at halftime during the Chargers game? Now this is definitely something that would only happen to the Buffalo Bills. At least we can make a joke of it, right?

Tweet x @kevinbuffalo

2.  Then only one week after, the Bills crushed the Vikings and we all thought Vontae just might run back onto the field with the team after halftime.

Tweet x @mikegarafolo


3. And of course we couldn’t forget, that same week when all of the “experts” picked Minnesota over us. AKA the same week Josh Allen hurdled over the Vikings. Better luck next time guys.

Tweet x @buffalobills

4. But all good things must come to an end at some point I guess, right? At least Peterman tried his best…even if that means he’s guaranteed to throw at least one pick-six per game.

Tweet x @kevinbuffalo

5.  Self-explanatory.

Tweet x @ryanmura

6. I mean, he could probably, possibly, maybe still play with two broken arms, right? RIGHT?

Tweet x @buffalogrlprobs

7. Eggs, milk, process, an entire offensive line, and a few wide receivers if they have any.

Tweet x @sabresprospects


8.  At least one Buffalo team started winning…Go Sabres!

Tweet x @ryanmura

9. I’m sure nobody would’ve noticed.

Tweet x @buffalowins

10. Looks like history doesn’t always repeat itself.

Tweet x @wgrfan716

11. Seriously though, all you need is at least one arm that isn’t injured.

Tweet x @kevinbuffalo

12. And for the third consecutive year, it happened again. At least we’re 3-0 at home against the Pats somehow…

Tweet @xoholly

13. Specifically, you Nathan Peterman, Kelvin Benjamin, and the entire offensive line.

Tweet x @kevinbuffalo


14. Now this is the kind of pick-six we’re looking for.

Tweet x @kevinbuffalo

15. You know it’s bad when the Bills Twitter gets involved.

Tweet x @buffalobills

16. At least one Buffalo football team is winning.

Tweet x @ryanmura

17. All you have to do is cross out the “I” on your Bills gear and add a “U.”

Tweet x @byjerrysullivan

18. One Buffalo?

Tweet x @ryanmura

19. And then the Sabres, Bills and Bulls are started losing…

Tweet x @byjerrysullivan

20. No matter how bad it may get, we can all agree – at least we aren’t the Jets.

Tweet x @jeremywgr

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Written by <a href="https://stepoutbuffalo.com/author/sarinal/" target="_self">SarinaL</a>

Written by SarinaL

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