Thrillist Deems Buffalo The Most Underrated City to Spend a Weekend

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Written by HayleyPrenatt

Published on August 6, 2020

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Over the past couple years, it seems like the rest of the country is really catching on to the fact that Buffalo is a pretty awesome place to be – pandemic or no pandemic we might add, and Thrillist named Buffalo America’s most underrated city to spend a weekend. Duh. Anyone from here could’ve told you that, but it’s always nice to get some recognition from outsiders.


The Queen City is well known as a city that works hard and plays harder, so it’s understandable that Thrillist compared us to a few other well known party capitals saying Buffalo’s late-night culture is “matched only by Miami and Las Vegas, a place where going out at midnight is the norm, and staying up until sunrise isn’t at all unusual.” Bars til 4 am or bust amiright?
In addition, the majority of the article boasts that Buffalo is full of really nice people, a quality that makes every Western New Yorker proud. From buying a stranger a drink to showing them the best spots in town, Thrillist got the whole Buffalo experience from locals. Hey – they don’t call us the City of Good Neighbors for nothing.


And of course, there’s the smell. “The night air in Buffalo smells like Cheerios. This is something people don’t tell you, that the General Mills plant gives off the scent of fresh-baked cereal at all hours. It makes the entire city smell like a combination of mom’s kitchen and a Krispy Kreme, adding to the place’s homey, welcoming feel.”
If you’ve read this through and are feeling like in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, this isn’t really true, check out this list of things that are not cancelled this summer and beyond.
Read the full article “Why Buffalo (Yes, That Buffalo) Is America’s Most Underrated City to Spend a Weekend” here >

Written by <a href="" target="_self">HayleyPrenatt</a>

Written by HayleyPrenatt

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