Time to Account for More Cheat Days, Perry’s Has NEW Flavors

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Photo courtesy of Perry's

Photo courtesy of Perry’s Ice Cream

Perry’s Ice Cream has released new flavors! We repeat. N E W FLAVORS! Just when you thought you couldn’t love Perry’s Ice Cream more/thought you had those cravings under control… Summer bod, shmummer bod #cheat days. When new flavors like this hit the shelves it’s okay to cheat, after all walking around the grocery store and lifting that spoon up and down technically burn calories 😉

New flavors arriving to a store near you this month include: Caramel Frappé, Cold Brew Coffee & Cream, Candy Bar, Cotton Candy, and Lactose Free Cookie Dough. Not to mention their Sweet Cream ice cream sandwiches and our *FAV* Cool Mint ice cream sandwiches.

No, this is not a joke. Yes, this is real life!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. Calling all T-Swift “Starbucks lovers”: Caramel Frappé is LIMITED EDITON (you’re welcome) and is espresso ice cream with caramel and vanilla swirls. The other new coffee-based flavor, Cold Brew Coffee and Sweet Cream, is a cold brewed coffee flavor swirled with sweet cream. Then there’s Candy Bar which is nougat ice cream with salty caramel swirls, peanuts and fudge chunks aka *genius* and honestly what more could you ask for?!

Because Perry’s loves you and so do we, use the Perry’s Ice Cream Flavor Finder to snag these new flavors or Perry’s classic flavors at a store near you before they’re gone!

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