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Written by Emily Morrow

Published on September 16, 2014
BLT Wafel

BLT Wafel


This week we came across two new WNY Kickstarter Campaigns that we think you’ll like based on the fact that you’re on our website. The campaigns have a common thread – things you “need” in the morning. Yep, it’s a breakfast themed post, is there anything better?


Craft Roasting Company

Funding Goal: $56,500

By: Sunday, October 5 2014

Freshly roasted beans are better. If you want the best coffee possible, that’s the way to go and Craft Roasting Co. can help you get freshly roasted beans locally. They’ll even personalize the bag for you….

Craft Roasting Company got started while owner Rick Bush was on vacation. “While enjoying a truly fresh cup on a trip to the Caribbean, I realized that the coffee I thought I loved wasn’t good coffee at all. My search to replicate that cup led me to roasting, and now I’m sharing what I have learned,” says Rick. So here we are.

When asked what makes Craft Roasting coffee different from batches by Barismo, Gorilla Coffee, Counter Culture, and Blue Bottle for example, Rich explained. “Craft Roasting is focused on bringing the experience of great coffee right into your home at the peak of it’s freshness. Unlike other roasters, we only roast to order. Our coffee doesn’t sit on a shelf waiting for a customer to pick it up. We roast pack and ship within 48 hours.”
Craft Roasting’s price point is just below competitors at $18 per pound, including delivery and a custom label. Compare this to Blue Bottle at for $19 per pound plus shipping or $15-$18 plus shipping from Barismo.
After the Kickstarter campaign, the only way to get Craft Roasting Company’s coffee is by signing up as a member at

Rewards: The reason you should become a backer.

Sure, being a nice person is great, but you could go broke backing all of these well thought out kickstarter campaigns promising to help build a well-fed Buffalo. The rewards make donating to a Kickstarter campaign logical and certainly more fun.

Backing the campaign with $20 will get you a one year membership in the Founder’s Circle plus a sample of coffee, while $25 will get you that plus 2 x 6lb deliveries of coffee and so on and so forth into a smatering of free memberships and coffee.


> Back Craft Roasting Company’s Kickstarter Campaign



Das Wafel Food Truck

Funding Goal: $25,000

By: Friday, October 10 2014

A food truck centered around wafels (a.k.a. waffles). Need I say more?

As always, I love to get behind a good food truck (or any food themed) Kickstarter campaign. The more options in the area, the better. Especially if they’re slinging bacon and wafles.

“The truck will be called Das Wafel and will serve sweet dessert wafels, savory wafels based on reimagined classic sandwiches and dishes, veggie wafels and classic brunch fare daily,” says Chris Walters, the man behind the plan.

This Kickstarter video features a mouthwatering display of various wafel menu items like Nutella, banana and strawberry, BLT, Belgian with Lemon Glaze and Raspberries, Das Reuben on a Seeded Rye Waffle, Ginger Peach Waffle with fresh Melba and Mascarpone mousse and many more.

The funds raised through Kickstarter will go towards getting the truck in shape for go time, and expanding the smoking and curing capabilities of the operation.

Rewards: The reason you should become a backer.

These guys are offering up things like a free dessert wafel for a $5 donation, a wafel and a Das Wafel mug with free refills for $10 and a sample pack of their dry cured bacon for a twenty spot.

If you’re feeling generous, drop a 50 for a two pound slab of dry cured bacon and an invitation to the menu tasting event, or a hundred for a whole slab of bacon and two invites to the menu tasting event. Willing to spend a hefty amount? $500 gets you the Das Wafel truck or a BBQ for thirty people, $1000 buys you bacon for a year and so on.


Back the Das Wafel Kickstarter Campaign

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Emily Morrow</a>

Written by Emily Morrow

Emily is co-founder and Director of Storytelling at Step Out Buffalo. Her favorite things to do are eat, travel, and think up business ideas. Emily is originally from Hamburg, NY and her out of town friends will tell you that she loves to talk about Buffalo any chance she gets.
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