Top 10 Best Kept Secret Places For Chicken Wings

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I’m back with my third installment of my five part series this month on eating chicken wings in Western New York. If you missed my first two articles, please click here (top 10 must visit places) and here (10 most unique flavors) if you want to bring yourself up to speed on the previous topics on this subject.

As I said before, people are passionate about their chicken wings, particularly when it comes to sharing their opinions on their favorite places to consume them. That brings us to today’s revelation of the ten “best kept secrets” for chicken wings. Think along the lines of the lesser known restaurants, bars, taverns and other eateries that serve up delicious wings and you will understand the focus of this glance at some of the lesser known neighborhood places that have a steady following despite not having as much name recognition as some of Western New York’s more famous wing joints.

Listed below in no particular order are my top ten “best kept secret places” for chicken wings. Feel free to visit these yourself and pass along your opinions on YOUR favorite local places to eat wings.



4841 Union Road / Cheektowaga  |  (716) 632-8010

Located between Cleveland and Wehrle, this locally owned and operated eatery has been around for a half-century. Several longtime employees serve up a number of tasty treats on their menu, with their chicken wings (served “Buffalo Style” or boneless) being among the best you will probably ever have.



1748 Clinton Street / Kaisertown / East Buffalo  |  (716) 823-2828

While this is not a particularly fancy place to dine, Wiechec’s has a tremendous following, especially for fans of their hot wings. Get in there and have some and I am sure you will want to come back for more.



3355 Lakeshore Road / Hamburg / Southtowns  |  (716) 823-0158

Perfect place for the softball team to pile in and order three or four batches of wings. They have napkins, but feel free to wipe your hands on your uniform. Awesome wings always served with a smile.



23 Main Street / Middleport / Niagara County |  (716) 735-9989

Yes, this is a bit of a drive. Yes, you may have to glance at a map at least once. For my maiden voyage, I had to pull over twice to figure out exactly where I was going, but once I got there, I was glad I had made the trip. Some of the best wings (and pretty darn good chicken fingers too) around, even if it is a bit of a hike. Take my word for it, the wings are worth the road trip. Gas up your vehicle and go. You can thank me later.



4179 Lakeshore Road / Hamburg / Southtowns |  (716) 627-5166

Definitely jot this one down somewhere and plan to visit over the summer to enjoy the scenic view that beautiful Lake Erie provides, especially if you are lucky enough to land a table on their outside deck. Tremendous chicken wings at a place that some unfortunately just think of as a “seafood joint.” Next time you head there for a fish fry, order a plate of hot wings as an appetizer.



2265 Niagara Falls Boulevard / Wheatfield / Northtowns  |  (716) 731-5911

There is also a location on Main Street in Lockport which I have never visited, but Wheatfield is where I went for a plate of “extra hot” wings. Extraordinary taste and some of the best customer service you will find in the Buffalo-Niagara region. Put this place on your agenda the next time you visit Niagara Falls and take the scenic route to grab some lunch or dinner.



1672 Elmwood Avenue / North Buffalo  |  (716) 874-3878

Yes, I purposely put the “two Papas” back-to-back on this list. Just like Papa Leo’s, Papa Jake’s has great customer service thanks to a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Another place known for fish fry dinners and other seafood plates, Papa Jake’s delivers in all of the key categories when it comes to cooking and serving chicken wings.



1780 Orchard Park Road / West Seneca / Southtowns  |  (716) 675-2440

Popular place amongst locals from West Seneca, Orchard Park, Elma and other surrounding towns, I recommend city residents and people from the Northtowns to visit here sometime and order some wings. Delicious treats for dinner or a late night snack, the festive scene becomes that much more enjoyable when munching on their barbecue wings.



4923 Southwestern Boulevard / Hamburg / Southtowns  |  (716) 648-1037

A relatively new place to enjoy some wings, this place specializes in “pub style food” with a bit of a twist. Great variety of wing flavors available, this is becoming a place to be and a place to be seen in the Southtowns. I recommend visiting here on a night of a Buffalo Sabres game and ordering a double order of garlic parmesan wings right after you grab a seat in front of one of their many televisions.



2945 Southwestern Boulevard / Orchard Park / Southtowns | (716) 674-4113

Similar names and yes, they are both on Southwestern Boulevard, but “this BSG” has been around longer than the “other BSG” mentioned above. I have had the wings here several different times and have never left disappointed. Fun place that seems to draw most of their crowd from Orchard Park, West Seneca and Hamburg, this is another location I recommend to city residents and Northtowns folks looking to enjoy some delicious wings in a fun atmosphere.


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