9 Super Unique Chicken Wing Flavors to Try in WNY

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Written by Daniel Meyer

Published on January 15, 2014
Elmo's Wings

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As I said last week, putting together a list of the best places in Western New York for chicken wings is quite the challenging task. That being said, I have had lots of fun identifying the top locations to eat a plate of wings.

I’ve received PLENTY of feedback from those who read last week’s “Top 10 Must Visit Places For Chicken Wings” (click here if you missed it or want to refresh your memory) and truly appreciate the friendly banter and suggestions on other restaurants, bars, taverns and eateries where YOU believe the best chicken wings in Western New York are served.

With that first list now behind me, this next installment focuses on unique flavors. As we all know, the delicious taste of your favorite wings is based on the sauces used to season them after they have been cooked.

Appearing here in no particular order is my top ten “most unique flavors” for chicken wings. Feel free to try these out for yourself and, as always, pass along your thoughts, insight and analysis of YOUR favorite flavors.



1035 Abbott Road / South Buffalo  |  (716) 825-3636

“Honey Mustard Wings”

These sweet and spicy treats from South Buffalo are a perfect change-of-pace meal from the traditional hot, medium or mild routine we all tend to get trapped in. Hard for me to figure out exactly what special ingredients are in the sauce (perhaps minced onion flakes or a touch of chopped parsley?) but the recipe is dynamite and should never be altered.



1305 Abbott Road / Lackawanna / Southtowns |  (716) 823-7052

“Hot Wings”

Nothing fancy here. Find a place to sit and order your favorite beverage and an order of their hot wings. Their original recipe is exceptional thanks in large part to hot sauce mix, which is packed with flavor.



2349 Millersport Highway / Getzville / Northtowns |  (716) 688-7237

“Double Dip Cajun Barbecue Wings”

Plain and simple, these are really good chicken wings. Any of their sauces should satisfy you, but the ability to ask for a “double dip” where they mix two different sauces together is out of this world. If you are going to go with a group of friends, order up a “triple play batch” (approximately five to six pounds of wings” and enjoy the savory goodness of each bite of the Cajun Barbecue blend.



317 Hopkins Street / South Buffalo  |  (716) 464-3778

“Hate Wings”

Strange name? No doubt. Delicious flavor? Absolutely. These are medium-based wings which are actually made with white zinfandel and cinnamon, which may sound odd to some but when you dip one of them into some bleu cheese the end result is the perfect blend of flavor that you really need to experience at least one.



326 Amherst Street / Black Rock / North Buffalo  |  (716) 874-7734

“Greg Wings”

This special recipe is named after the chef and they are spectacular. The dry spice-rubbed wing is fried, then grilled and then sauced up in a tasty blend that definitely has Cajun spice, ground mustard, paprika and what tastes like at least a couple more secret ingredients. If you love your wings tossed in a dry rub and hot sauce mix, these wings are for you.



4236 Clark Street / Hamburg / Southtowns  |  (716) 649-4025

“Montana Wings”

As a Hamburg resident, I have dined at JP’s numerous times and have enjoyed many items on their menu, but an order of their wings “Montana style” is my favorite dish. These wings are indeed unique and my only regret the last time I had them was that I shared a few with a friend who was drooling over my meal choice. Finger lickin’ good.



5007 Lake Avenue / Blasdell / Southtowns |  (716) 824-7455

“BW’s Habanero Barbecue Boneless Wings”

I know there are some chicken wing fanatics who don’t believe that you have eaten a wing unless there are bones involved, but for me, boneless wings count. These barbecue wings are smoked and seasoned to perfection with their own secret recipe. Don’t want to take my word for it? Ask any of the recent players for the Buffalo Bills. This place is one of the favorite midweek hangouts for our professional football heroes, and massive amounts of wings have been known to be consumed whenever the big boys are in town and feeling hungry.



2526 Delaware Avenue / North Delaware / North Buffalo  |  (716) 877-9466

“Teriyaki Wings”

These chicken wings are always huge, incredibly crispy and sauced perfectly using a fresh sauce that has the perfect kick without overdoing the hot factor. Get here and chow down.



534 Potters Road / South Buffalo

“Smitty Wings”

I looked it up the other day and found that there are five different ways they serve their chicken wings but I personally have only had the splendid South Buffalo style Smitty wings any time I have visited this establishment. The recipe involves some key secret ingredients that the staff refuses to reveal, but as long as they keep serving them that way and supplying their special “Smitty’s Bleu Cheese” dipping sauce, I will be a happy man.



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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Daniel Meyer</a>

Written by Daniel Meyer

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