Track Your Fitness With Fit3D Full-body Scans at the JCC

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Written by Brett Llenos Smith

Published on October 21, 2015


Fit3D ProScanner and Web Platform from Fit3D on Vimeo.

While the Health and Fitness Center at the JCC may be well known as a family-friendly and community-centric way to get into shape, it doesn’t mean the facilities aren’t equipped with the latest fitness tools and equipment.

Case in point: the JCC recently acquired the first Fit3D scanner in Western New York. The full-body scanner allows users to track their progress and monitor the results of their workout regimen with an unprecedented level of precision, inch-by-inch, in 360 degrees and three dimensions.

If you’re a regular reader of Step Out Buffalo, you’ve probably been actively partaking in the Buffalo Renaissance, and that means you’re enjoying great food and drink on a regular basis. That also means probably adding on the odd pound or two.

Even if you’re not stopping out to Toutant during the week and brunching at Oshun on Sunday, you probably have a few pounds you could shed – especially with the smorgasbords you’re expecting to encounter once the holidays roll out.

Instead of tracking the tightness of your pants over the coming months, Fit3D captures more than 450 circumferences, lengths, volumes and other measurements on your body. The system also maps key biomarkers onto the 3D image produced by the scan. These measurements are used to track the physical results of your workout routine over the course of weeks and months.

Jewish Community Center, Fit 3d Scanner, Step Out Buffalo

Fit3D Scan Results

On a recent visit to the downtown JCC fitness center, general manager Bob Lajeunesse told me one advantage of using the Fit3D machine is the elimination of trainer bias. Essentially, you don’t have to rely on a trainer to give an accurate assessment of your progress if you’re using the 3D body scanner.

During that visit, I actually got scanned, and the entire process is quick and painless. A sequence of beeps let’s you know the scan is about to begin. Then, a turntable underneath your feet spins you slowly and a camera slides up and down – scanning you as you turn like a giant spindle of gyro meat.

I wore a t-shirt and khakis when I got scanned, but if you want to take full advantage of the machine – it’s best if you wear minimal and tight-fitting clothing.

Jewish Community Center, Fit 3d Scanner, Step Out Buffalo

Fit3D Scans

If the thought of seeing all your physical flaws lovingly rendered in three dimensions scares the hell out of you – the entire Fit3D process is designed with modesty in mind. First of all, women who want to be scanned are paired up with a female trainer for any assistance. Second, the scan can be run with just you and the machine is located in a private room. Third, trainers cannot access the 3D scan image – it is sent to your personal email address.

Even with all those safeguards in place – some people are still understandably anxious about being scanned.

“Some people really don’t want to do it,” Lajeunesse admitted. “What I say is, ‘Just hop on the machine and then don’t even look at the scan. Then six months from now, do another scan and compare it to the original.”

People with a regular JCC membership are entitled to two scans per year to track their progress. Those working with a personal trainer can track their progress with a scan each month. The JCC also lets people come in off the street to use the scanner for around $50.

After my scan, the Fit3D system emailed a full report, which included the image, body measurements and starting points for various wellness outcomes. Having signed up with Fit3D, I can now track my waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio and other progress markers at the official Fit3D website.

Lajeunesse noted the Fit3D system appeals to people with many different fitness goals.

Jewish Community Center, Fit 3d Scanner, Step Out Buffalo

Fit 3D Scanner in use / Step Out Buffalo

“For the guy who works out all the time, he might go on the scanner and say, ‘Oh my chest looks a little small. Maybe I need to work on that,” he said. “For the person who is trying to lose some weight or get active again, they’ll be able to see everything as they progress.”

“You know some people think if they’re not losing weight – they’re not getting healthier and that’s not the truth,” he added. “With this way people can actually see themselves getting toner and healthier.”

In addition to the Fit3D, machine the JCC also offers the kind of close-knit community you can’t get at a large corporate gym. Many JCC members who frequent the downtown location live or work in the area, and the same goes for the Getzville location.  

Lajeunesse said the loyalty of the members and staff is a testament to the sense of community at the JCC.

“LA Fitness and these other gyms – they do their thing and that’s great, but it’s not for everybody,” he said. “The JCC is like the show Cheers; around here everybody knows each other and those of us on staff talk to people all the time. Whereas some of these corporate gyms – it’s all about profit.”

Mention that you saw this article on Step Out Buffalo and you will get free registration when you join the JCC – a $49.00 savings! For more information on the Jewish Community Center check out their website or follow them on Facebook. To learn more about what the Fit3D has to offer,


Jewish Community Center of Buffalo

Holland Building

787 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY


Benderson Building

2640 North Forest Rd, Getzville, NY 



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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Brett Llenos Smith</a>

Written by Brett Llenos Smith

Brett Llenos Smith is a freelance writer based in Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood who has been covering local food and culture for Step Out Buffalo over the past six years. As someone with a multi-ethnic background, he has a passion for exploring and understand the many diverse corners of Western New York.
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