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Written by Jessica Kelly

Published on February 27, 2017

Roost Burger / Photo x Jessica Kelly

Before I even turned onto Niagara Street, I was beyond excited to sink my teeth into some of this already Buffalo-famous Roost cuisine. The restaurant just opened and already has a strong following and countless rave reviews, so needless to say I was excited to try it.  I stopped in for brunch with friends where we decided to fill the table with a few apps, 2 breakfast pizzas, and their famous burger.  Everything on the table deserves a shout-out, but I find myself thinking about how amazing that burger was.  

Roost Burger / Photo x Jessica Kelly

The buns had a nice toast to them, and in between were two patties topped with gooey American cheese, lettuce, onion, hot peppers and this phenomenal secret sauce that knocks your average mayo right out of the park served with a side of anise fingerling potatoes.  They call the secret sauce their “mac sauce” for obvious reasons when you try it.  The burger tastes just like a high quality, gourmet big mac with a kick from the peppers.  Just writing this is making me already think about my next trip to Roost where I can have that burger again!  
The burger is $15 and is served for lunch from 11am-3pm Wednesday to Friday and Sunday for brunch (also 11am-3pm).  Roost’s menu is constantly changing, but they expect this staple to keep its home on the menu for quite some time.


1502 Niagara St. in Buffalo / (716) 259-9306
Hours: Wednesday-Saturday from 11am-10pm and Sunday 11am-3pm

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Jessica Kelly</a>

Written by Jessica Kelly

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