Tyler the Creator Crowns Wegmans as the Greatest Grocery Store Ever

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Written by HayleyPrenatt

Published on November 6, 2019

Photo from Wegman’s Facebook

According to, Tyler the Creator gave his two cents during a recent performance at the Main Street Armory in Rochester regarding the debate of best grocery store, and no surprise here, he crowned Wegmans as the champion. Honestly, anyone in the North East can pretty much vouch for that decision. Wegmans is king.


“They got the nicest [expletive] store I’ve ever been to.” Well yeah. “Oh my god, they got sushi in there and they make bread next door!”

He also called Whole Foods trash in comparison to Wegmans. While it might be a little harsh, we aren’t going to argue otherwise.

You can check out everything he had to say here!

Written by <a href="" target="_self">HayleyPrenatt</a>

Written by HayleyPrenatt

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