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Written by SarinaL

Published on September 27, 2021
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Whether you’re a grad student or you’ve just decided to spend your next four years in Buffalo, knowing where to go and what to do is a constant struggle. Campus food is… gross ok, and campus parties are getting old fine, but what if you want more? Don’t worry – we’ve got ya covered. Here’s some of the best spots near UB to eat, drink, play, and study lol on the weekends and weeknights, all on a college budget. Assuming you’re not snowed in, of course. Kiddingggggg

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Cheap Eats Nearby

Good food for single digit dollars

Amy’s Place (3234 Main St.)
Amy’s Place is a vegetarian/vegan Lebanese-American restaurant located right in the heart of University Heights. Amy’s Place is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner most days of the week. Perfect for a quick bite in between classes or a Sunday brunch with a group of friends.

Burrito Bay (2431 Millersport Highway)
Burrito Bay, located near North Campus, is the go-to spot for Mexican food around UB North. They’re open late, perfect for those long nights after a night class and even have online-ordering so you can order ahead of time.

Pie-O-Mine (1725 Sheridan Dr.)
If you’ve never been to Pie-O-Mine, it is going to be your new favorite spot for build-your-own-pizzas or build-your-own-salads. Not only is their food delicious, but both their pizzas and salads are so big, they’ll last you for lunch the next day.

Zetti’s (4621 Maple Rd.)
Zetti’s is located on Maple directly across from North Campus. Zetti’s is famous for their huge slices of pizza. Seriously though, one slice might double as two lunches. Not only will their slices fill you up for the entire day, but Zetti’s is incredibly cheap, perfect for students on a budget.

Photo courtesy of Zetti’s


Cheap Drinks

Because duh

Mr. Goodbar (1110 Elmwood Ave)

You *need* to go to Mr. Goodbar at least once a week while in Buffalo. The cheapest of drinks, live music, themed parties, frozen pizza rolls that sound like a horrible idea but are the best thing you’ve ever tasted at 3am – this place has it all.

Slick Willie’s (2316 Niagara Falls Boulevard)
Slick Willie’s is a college favorite. They’re always offering all types of drink specials various nights throughout the week. They’re also famous for their billiard competitions and classic pub food.


For studying, chilling, and everything in between

Spot Coffee (1406 Hertel Ave. and 5330 Main St.)
No matter which campus you are on, Spot has you covered! Spot Coffee has locations close to both UB North and UB South, with breakfast, lunch and dinner options on their menu.

Welbeze Juice & Eatery (454 Evans St.)
If you prefer pressed juices or smoothies over coffee, Welbeze Juice & Eatery is about to be your new favorite spot. Located near UB North, Welbeze offers a variety of fruity drinks and just about every healthy breakfast and lunch option you can think of.


Where to Watch Bulls Games

Horns up

Blue Bull Tavern (1300 Sweet Home Rd.)
Whether it’s a Bulls football game or basketball game, everyone always decides to head to thr Blue Bull Tavern located five minutes from North Campus. The Blue Bull is everyone’ favorite place to grab a beer and watch the game. Not only will it be packed, but the tavern always offers food and drink specials to enjoy during games.

Elmo’s Bar and Restaurant (2349 Millersport Highway)
Elmo’s Bar and Restaurant is another popular location for UB students to cheer on the Bulls. Elmo’s was made famous by UB’s own NFL star, Khalil Mack, who was known to frequent this stop.

Santora’s Pizza Pub & Grill (7800 Transit Rd. OR 2923 Millersport Highway)
Santora’s is also one of the most frequented places by all of WNY during Bulls football or basketball games. Santora’s is always packed with fans of UB on game days. Enjoy the food and drink specials they offer during games as well as the atmosphere, it’ll feel like you’re actually at the game.

Photo courtesy of Santora’s


Girls Night Out

For when you want to have a good time without (or with) the boys

Cole’s (1104 Elmwood Ave.)
Cole’s hosts one of the most, if not the most popular, “Ladies Night” every Tuesday night. Discounted drinks are offered throughout the night and music is played all night long.

Sun Cuisine (5759 Main St.)
Sun Cuisine is an Asian Fusion restaurant that has become one of the most popular spots in Williamsville. Grab your girls and enjoy a night of delicious wine and even more delicious food.

Parent Friendly Restaurants

You know, for when your parents visit

Kostas (1561 Hertel Ave.)
Kostas is a Greek restaurant located approximately five minutes from UB South. Kostas is a family-owned restaurant perfect for you to bring your parents for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Shango New Orleans Bistro & Wine Bar (3620 Main St.)
Shango is also located extremely close to UB South and offers a quiet environment for you and your parents to catch up. Shango is a Cajun restaurant with a large menu of entrees and an even larger wine list.

Shango // Step Out Buffalo

800 Maple (800 Maple Rd.)
800 Maple is another fine dining experience, except this one is closer to UB North. 800 Maple specializes in steaks, fresh seafood and wood oven pizzas and like Shango, also has a large menu of wine, beer and cocktails.


Hookah Lounges

For weekends and weekdays

Lit Hookah Lounge (3550 Main Street)
Lit Hookah Lounge is located right across from UB South and is possibly the most popular hookah lounge in the area. The lounge hosts multiple events throughout the year and offers specials depending on the size of your group.

Ramsey’s Hookah Lounge (1428 Millersport Highway)
If you’re always on North Campus, Ramsey’s Hookah Lounge is perfect for you and your friends to enjoy a Friday night. Ramsey’s is located right across from UB North and offers 70 flavors of sheesha.

Sahara’s Hookah Lounge (1175 Hertel Ave.)
Sahara’s Hookah Lounge is located on Hertel, approximately ten minutes from UB South. Sahara’s also serves as a restaurant and is perfect for a night out.

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This post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">SarinaL</a>

Written by SarinaL

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