Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Garden Walk Buffalo 2019

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Written by Kelsie Engert

Published on July 10, 2019

If you’re a home-grown Buffalonian, or a lucky tourist in the area and have yet to experience Garden Walk Buffalo, 2019 is your year. July 27 – 28 is your chance to indulge in Buffalo’s most beautiful urban gardens during this huge event that now attracts 60-70 thousand visitors from around the U.S., Canada and beyond. BTW, did you know Buffalo’s is the largest garden walk in the country? (You mean we’re known for something other than food and snow?) Yep. And what better year to attend than its 25th Anniversary?


With over 400 creative urban gardens – residential, community and public- participating in this year’s event, there is MUCH to see. The Garden Walk extends from the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed Delaware Park, all the way to Canalside, and from the Niagara River to downtown Main Street, encompassing Buffalo’s most famous districts, including Elmwood Village, Allentown, Historic West Village and Prospect Hill. We know  – you’re already feeling overwhelmed (calm down, it’s free guys), which is why we’ve created a list of pro-tips to help you navigate through the magical gardens of Buffalo! 


What to Bring

The event is totally free, and there are no admission tickets or anything, so all you’re really required to bring is yourself. But, the event is rain or shine- so dress accordingly. It might not be a bad idea to bring an umbrella, and of course, cameras are encouraged #instamoment


Where to Start

There are 3 headquarters this year which offer restrooms, merchandise (books, magazines, t-shirts, caps, totes, etc.) and maps. In addition to the 3 headquarters, there are 4 “satellite” locations, where you can pick up *maps only*


  1. Buffalo Seminary (205 Bidwell Parkway): Beginning right near Soldiers Circle and Chapin Parkway, you’ll have the chance to explore the beautiful and elegant gardens off of Elmwood, Richmond and Bidwell, and maybe grab lunch or a cup of coffee while in Elmwood Village – just some food for thought (or thought for food, rather)
    • Satellite Location Nearby: The Japanese Garden in Delaware Park 1 Museum Court, behind the Buffalo History Museum
  2. Evergreen Health (206 S. Elmwood Avenue): On the corner of S. Elmwood and Chippewa, you can begin to travel along Niagara Street through Buffalo’s Historic West Village, Cottage District and Allentown, touching streets off of Porter, Delaware and Prospect. Here, you’ll find a large concentration of Buffalo’s most eccentric real urban gardens in the city’s oldest residential town, filled with absolutely gorgeous architecture, bright colors, and bizarre features (where you can’t help but stare). You definitely should make your way over here at some point over the weekend (maybe towards the end, if you’re planning on bar-hopping in Allentown 😉)! P.S. We highly recommend checking out Little Summer off of Richmond.
    •  Satellite Locations Nearby: First Presbyterian Church, 1 Symphony Circle & West Side Community Services 161 Vermont Street
  3. St. Mark’s Church (401 Woodward Ave):  Here, you can make your way through Buffalo’s beautiful Parkside neighborhood, along the historic Delaware Park, Hoyt Lake, Forest Lawn Cemetery and the Buffalo Zoo. This area, being the newest addition to the garden walk, is the least populated, but definitely worth checking out for some extravagant floral arrangements and some of the greenest grass on earth (seriously).
    • Satellite Location Nearby: The Martin House 125 Jewett Parkway




Gardens Buffalo Niagara has provided a super user-friendly map, with all of the garden destinations plotted. It’s even color-coordinated by district, and headquarter areas. Your map will become your best friend throughout the walk, which you can find online right here



There are *free* hop-on, hop-off shuttle buses, so you’ll get the chance to visit each little district that you so please without having to drive yourself if you don’t want to. Buses will circulate between the headquarters, stopping at select shuttle stops in many of the Walk neighborhoods. 


Photo courtesy of Perks

Where to Eat

You’re in Buffalo, did you really think we’d really leave the best part out? Here are a couple suggestions for some light lunch/dinner spots throughout your garden walk travels:

Elmwood Village: You really don’t need to go far for a good meal in these parts. Find some great lunch and coffee spots with all sorts of health options! Here are a couple top picks: 






Allentown: When it comes to food, Allen Street checks all of the boxes – bars, cafes, bistros, fine-dining- you name it, they’ve got it. Here are a couple of favs:







Cottage District/West: This little area has grown immensely in the last few years, thriving with plenty of cute new restaurants and cafes! Here are a few suggestions:


  • Tipico Coffee 128 Fargo Ave – delicious pour-over coffee & light breakfast


  • Perks Cafe 346 Connecticut St inside Horsefeathers – coffee, mimosas, breakfast & paninis


  • Breadhive Cafe 402 Connecticut St – homemade bagels, bread & sandwiches


  • Black Sheep 367 Connecticut St – new locally-sourced American cuisine & cocktails 






For any further inquiries about the event, check out the Garden Walk Buffalo website!


Trunk Suite at InnBuffalo / Photo courtesy of InnBuffalo off Elmwood

Where to Stay

Coming in from out of town to enjoy the beauty that is Garden Walk Buffalo? Here are a few walkable spots to stay in the heart of the event:


Garden Walk Buffalo

July 27 & 28, 2019

10 am – 4 pm

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Kelsie Engert</a>

Written by Kelsie Engert

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