The Ultimate Tom & Jerry Guide Every Buffalonian Needs

Morgan Culhane


Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19, regulations may have changed since this article was published along with the status of the listed businesses and events. Please check with a business/event directly before visiting for the most up-to-date information.

Schwabl's Tom & Jerry

Schwabl’s Tom & Jerry / Photo courtesy of Schwabl’s

Originally published December 2018 | Updated November 2020

Maybe it’s the foamy crown. Maybe it’s the seasonal spices. Maybe it’s all hype. Either way, the Tom & Jerry is a classic cocktail choice come Christmastime, especially for those of us drinking in Buffalo. This milk-based drink is sweet, hot, and festive. Think warm sugar cookie in a glass.

If you’re Tom & Jerry obsessed, you’ll be happy to hear you can find your favorite boozy beverage at many bars around Buffalo. Here’s the guide you need in your life! Friendly reminder that these drinks are served around the holidays – call before visiting to find out exactly when they will be on the menu.

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1. The Place

229 Lexington Avenue, Buffalo

Drinking a Tom & Jerry at The Place is tradition, and has been since 1941. Over the years, it has become the restaurant’s most iconic drink. But really, regulars and not-so-regulars look forward to its seasonal release year after year. But really, they have their own trademarked recipe.


Cole's Tom & Jerry

Cole’s Tom & Jerry / Photo courtesy of Cole’s

2. Cole’s

1104 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo

Cole’s always goes all out with holiday decorations, so drinking a seasonal beverage here just feels right. Keep warm and cozy with an extra frothy Tom & Jerry. If you love a lot of meringue, this variation of the bevvy is most definitely for you.


3. Rohall’s Corner

540 Amherst Street, Buffalo

This place might look like your average dive bar from the outside, but many consider it a Tom & Jerry hidden gem. Crafting is smaller batches pays off for these folks, and the dark rum helps, too. When it comes to freshness, Rohall’s does not disappoint.


Resurgence Brewery's Tom & Beery

Resurgence Brewery’s Tom & Beery / Photo courtesy of Resurgence

4. Resurgence Brewing

1250 Niagara Street, Buffalo

Now, this one is slightly different than all the others. The Tom & Beery is exactly what it sounds like. A twist on the classic: beer edition. You’ll get the milkshakey goodness you know and love, but in this case it’s thanks to an Imperial Sponge Candy Stout. Don’t worry, there’s still a generous splash of rum!




5. Boomerang’s Bar & Grill

995 Niagara Street, Buffalo

If you prefer your Tom & Jerry a bit more boozy, head to the Westside. Some call it more refined aka less sweet than others. What’s their secret? You can ask, but we hear they’re super secretive when it comes to questions about their T&J batter.


6. CRaVing

1472 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo

Call it old fashioned, but this North Buffalo bar follows the original recipe written by Jerry Thomas himself back in 1862. When it comes time to serve, they add a spoonful of batter, an ounce of cognac and an ounce of Jamaican rum, then top everything off with hot milk and fresh grated nutmeg. (Friday & Saturday only)




7. McPartlan’s Corner

669 Wehrle Drive, Cheektowaga

This cute and cozy Irish pub is a longtime community staple. They opened back in 1955 and are one of the first places known for serving this Christmastime cocktail. If you’re all about celebrating the classics, come here to cheers!


8. Glen Park Tavern

5507 Main Street, Williamsville

Expect a large coffee mug and a cinnamon stick for stirring when you order your Tom & Jerry here. This tavern, in the heart of the village, has been serving the wintertime cocktail extra thick for many years now.


Creekview’s Tom & Jerry / Photo courtesy of Creekview

9. Creekview Restaurant

5629 Main Street, Williamsville

Not far down the street from Glen Park Tavern, you’ll find another spot to get your T&J fix. Think one’s  less foamy and more battery. Creekview has quite the view overlooking the falls of Ellicott Creek. It’s no wonder the dining destination has been a village favorite for years.


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Schwabl's Tom & Jerry

Schwabl’s Tom & Jerry / Photo courtesy of Schwabl’s

10. Schwabl’s Restaurant

789 Center Road, West Seneca

This seasonal drink has a special spot on this restaurant’s list of libations from now through St. Patrick’s Day. you’ll feel like you’re back in the 1930s as you sip from your old fashioned Tom & Jerry mug at this joint in West Seneca.  



We asked and you answered! Here are some of your favorite spots to get a Tom & Jerry!

11. Eden Pub

8557 N Main St, Eden, NY 14057


12. The Delaware

3410 Delaware Ave, Kenmore, NY 14217


13. The Shirt Factory

115 W Center St, Medina, NY 14103


Tom & Jerry

Graylynn’s Tom & Jerry / Photo courtesy of Graylynn

14. Graylynn

537 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14203


15. Hoak’s

4100 Lake Shore Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075


16. The Garage Cafe & Lounge

1127 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216


17. Waxlight Bar á Vin

27 Chandler St, Buffalo, NY 14207


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