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Buffalo has gone through a resurgence in the past decade, not only in the tech and medical sectors, but in the dining and entertainment sectors as well. We’ve also managed to open up our fabulous waterfront where you can see the best damn sunsets on the planet. What we never lost was an incredible cultural base led by The Albright Knox, the Buffalo Science and History Museums, and some of the greatest examples of American architecture in the world. ENJOY!

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Eat & Drink Like a Local

Sure, Buffalo is famous for wings and Beef on Weck (and if you haven’t had some you need to get some) but we have so much more. This here is a true blue-collar town made of all sorts of hard working immigrants…read “damn good food”. Check out our hand picked options here.

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Museums | Galleries | Attractions

Per capita WNY has more cultural sites to visit than New York City and Paris combined. Okay, that’s not entirely accurate, but we do have a plenty to keep you busy for weeks, and our “entree” fees are much more reasonable. So go ahead and queue up. JK – we don’t have lines in WNY 🙂

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    Elmwood Strip

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    Roycroft Campus


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Music, Nightlife & Events Today

Buffalo has a great live music tradition… from jazz to country to blues to classical to rock-n-roll, it’s pretty hard not to find something you’ll like. If you don’t think you’re going to like it, try it anyways – you’ll be surprised how good music is when live and in-person.

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    Local Restaurant Week… To-Go


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Catch Some Theatre While in Town

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    Hand To God

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    CANCELLED – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

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    The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes. Vol 2

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    Dance on Widows Row


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