The Wall Street Journal Had Some Things to Say to Buffalo Haters


“Only knuckleheads—and the obstinately unenlightened—write off Buffalo, N.Y., as nothing more than a winter icebox and the birthplace of a certain sports-bar delicacy.”

That’s what one writer at the Wall Street Journal had to say to all those who hate on our beloved Queen City. In “Escape to Buffalo: A Skeptic’s Guide to a Great Weekend Getaway”, Jennifer Fernandez gives her six reasons as to why New York’s second city is “a seriously underappreciated destination—including the Buffalo wings that’ll ruin you for all others”.


The Dapper Goose

The Dapper Goose / Photo x Colin Gordon


But our wings only scratch the surface as to what Buffalo has to offer for anyone looking for a fun – and delicious – getaway. From our architectural wonders aka Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces, & Olmsted Parks  to our cultural icons the Albright Knox & Colored Musicians Club to, of course, our insane food scene including the Dapper Goose.

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