7 Waterfront Bike Trails in WNY That Are Well Worth the Ride

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Written by Andrea Diedrich

Published on July 8, 2020

waterfront bike trails

Erie Canalway Trail near the Peace Bridge / Photo courtesy of Trail Link user: DrMemory

If you take a good look at Western New York or have any familiarity with our geography, then you know we have everything from lakes to rivers to canals surrounding the area. With summer weather in full gear, there are so many ways to get out and enjoy our waterfront.  In the past, we’ve brought you the best bike trails in WNY and self-guided bike tours but, what could be better than biking around the region with the refreshing breeze that only comes from a waterfront trail.
From Niagara county down to the Southern Tier, there are a bunch of paths to get out and enjoy. With the views these trails provide, they are 100% worth a day trip drive. Strap on your bike rack, load up your gear and get out exploring these waterfront bike trails in WNY.
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1. Kiwanis Park Trail

Lewiston, NY to Youngstown, NY
Length: 8 miles
Starting in Lewiston, this trail runs along the Niagara Scenic Parkway offering views of the Niagara River. Along the way, take in some of the history of the region as you pass by Old Fort Niagara. The trails destination will take you through the village of Youngstown. Here, you can take in the scenery of Lake Ontario and might even catch a glimpse of Toronto across the way.
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Kiwanis Park Trail


2. Niagara Scenic Parkway Trail

Niagara Falls, NY
Length: 3.9 miles
The Niagara Scenic Parkway trail provides bike-goers with waterfront views as it runs parallel to the Niagara River. Beginning on Main Street in Niagara Falls, continue along the pathway where you will travel through De Veaux Woods State Park. The trail ends at Devil’s Hole state park but here, you can extend your ride along the Niagara Gorge Rim Trail.
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Niagara Scenic Parkway Trail

Goat Island

Goat Island / Photo x Andrea Diedrich

3. Niagara Gorge Rim Trail

Niagara Falls, NY
Length: 6.5 miles
Starting from the north and following along the upper ridge of the Niagara Gorge, this trail allows for views of the rapid waters below. For a bit more exercise, path takers can hop off the bike and hike down to the lower edge of the Niagara Gorge for a closer encounter with the water of the region. Access to these trails are through the Devil’s Hole State Park, and Whirlpool State Park. Hop back on your bike and continue south where you can take the pedestrian bridge over goat Island into Niagara Falls State Park to get up close and personal with both the American and Canadian Falls.
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Niagara Gorge Rim Trail


4. The Erie Canalway Trail

Lockport, NY to Tonawanda, NY
Length: 291.9 miles
If you looked at the length of this trail and thought it was crazy, well that’s because the trail in its entirety runs along the Erie Canal from Albany to Buffalo. A place we recommend starting is in Lockport, NY. Here you can bike through the city and see close views of the canal locks that are still in use today. If you are up for the challenge, you can continue along the path and follow Tonawanda Creek all the way into the Tonawanda region where you’ll land upon the Niagara River.
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The Erie Canalway Trail

waterfront bike trail

Shoreline Trail / Photo courtesy of Facebook: Erie Canalway Trail

5. Shoreline Trail

Tonawanda, NY to Buffalo, NY
Length: 21.7 miles
For a longer full day kind of ride, check out the Shoreline Trail. This trail when started in the north begins at Niawanda Park and runs along the Niagara River.  The trail then follows along Lake Erie where it comes to an end near the Outer Harbor. Following Buffalo’s most prominent waterfront, this trail is great for close access to Canalside and the downtown area.
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Shoreline Trail


6. Outer Harbor & Greenway Nature Trail

Buffalo, NY
Length: 1.2 miles
As the name implies, this trail is located along Buffalo’s Outer Harbor. For access to the trail, you’ll want to get off at Fuhrmann Blvd. While the trail is short in length, nearby you’ll find the Lakeside Bike Park, Buffalo Harbor State Park, viewing opportunities at Wilkeson Pointe, and nature at its best at Tifft Nature Preserve.
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Outer Harbor & Greenway Nature Trail

waterfront bike trail

Photo courtesy of Facebook: Jamestown Riverwalk

7. Jamestown Riverwalk

Jamestown, NY
Length: 5.1 miles
Head to Jamestown for a view of the Chadakoin River on this 5 mile ride. This path ventures along an extinct trolley car line and makes its way through Chadakoin Park, McCrea Point Park, and Panzarella Park. Opportunities to fish and picnic in these parks are available. For those interested in checking out more of the area, the trail comes to an end near Fluvanna Avenue which is lined with local shops.
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Jamestown Riverwalk

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Written by Andrea Diedrich

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