7 Ways to Enjoy Father’s Day With Dad During Corona Times

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Written by Step Out Staff

Published on June 12, 2020
Burnt Ends Rice Bowl at La Verdad Cafe & Deli

Burnt Ends Rice Bowl at La Verdad Cafe & Deli open for Take-Out / Photo courtesy of La Verdad Cafe & Deli

As we inch towards somewhat “normal”, things are still far from business as usual when it comes to gathering during Corona-times. You may have people in the fam with varying comfort levels when it comes to seeing other people and levels of social distancing.

Thankfully, whether you’re quarantined with dear ol’ dad or prefer to keep your distance from pops while still enjoying his company this Father’s Day, there’s plenty to do now that the warm weather and Phase 2 – 3 (depending on when you read this) has hit. Here’s a list of your best options!


Keep Your Distance


1. Enjoy a “Bike There, Buffalo!” Self-Guided Bike Tour

In our 6-part bike tour series by Buffalo Bike Tours, you’ll find several different bike tours to explore. Each tour features a different area of the city and spotlights unique landmarks along the way. Take an architecture and history tour, a tour of the East Side Loop, a street art bike ride, and more. Did we mention these tours are guided by a free, app-based tour map and are the perfect social distancing activity for the whole fam? ‘Cause they are!

Check out our “Bike There, Buffalo!” Tour Series >

Welcome Wall Mural Stop on Tour by Car: Downtown Buffalo & The East Side / Step Out Buffalo

2. Tour WNY by Car

Our 6-part Tour by Car Series is the perfect way to explore the city while staying very socially distanced from others. These offer a great combo of stops including architecture, art, parks, and more. Some stops you’ll just drive by and admire from a distance, some are photo ops, and some allow you to get out and stretch your legs or even see a world wonder – hint hint.

Social Distancing Tip: Take two cars and connect both cars by phone- using bluetooth of course. Speaking from personal experience, it really feels like you’re in the same car! Assign one person to read the info tidbits for each stop along the way.

Check out our Tour By Car Series >


Close But Not Too Close

3. Take a Hike

Now that the weather has officially warmed up, it’s time to put those hiking shoes to good use. Small hikes, big hikes, short hikes, long hikes – WNY has it all. Here’s a guide for some inspo.

Social Distancing Tip: Make sure to bring a mask just in case a trail is more crowded than you expected. Go during off times and make sure to stay 6 feet from everyone you pass.

4. Take Out Instead of Cook Out

Instead of making Dad sweat it out over the grill, take-out is always an option – especially in these corona times. Check out our guides to restaurants offering take-out right now and black-owned restaurants offering take-out, order up, and plan a somewhat socially distanced meal with the crew depending on everyone’s comfort level.


5. Explore Buffalo on Foot with Walking Tours

Explore Buffalo, a local walking tour company, has recently released 5 self-guided walking tour maps for some of their most popular walking tours. This DIY approach let’s you tour some of the most interesting areas of Buffalo on foot whenever you’re in the mood and with whomever you feel comfortable while still making for an interesting and exciting adventure.


Enjoying Phase Whatever-We’re-In

Pearl Street Grill is one of 150+ patios now open across WNY / Photo courtesy of Pearl Street Grill

6. Eat On a Patio

If you’re ready to get back out there – adhering to current CDC guidelines of course – and want to make the most of what’s open in WNY and the great weather we’re having, head out to eat on one of the 150+ patios that are currently open for dining. Please don’t forget to brush up on each individual restaurant’s safety policy and be respectful of their new procedures before you go!


Photo courtesy of Bflo Harbor Kayak

7. Hit the Water, One Way or Another

Let’s face it, the weather in WNY on Father’s Day weekend is infinitely better than Mother’s Day weekend, and we vote you take full advantage. How? Get on the water, of course! Whether you’re a fitness-loving fam who chooses to head out on a kayaking adventure or you’d rather sail the open waters, this guide featuring 14 Ways to Hit the Water Right Now is chock-full of fantastic ideas for you and the gang.

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Step Out Staff</a>

Written by Step Out Staff

A group of Step Out Buffalo team members worked together to create this post from research and writing to editing and imagery. Thanks for reading!
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