32 Ways You Know Without a Doubt, You’re In Bills Country

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Written by Emily Morrow

Published on August 16, 2022
Game Day Bar Crawl 2019

Buffalo and Western New York go by a lot of nicknames. There’s the Queen City, City of Good Neighbors, Nickel City. But our favorite – especially during football season – has to be Bills Country.

There are ton’s of ways to know you are in / from Bills Country, and the comments on our posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter prove just that. From greetings and farewells to the shout song’s starring role in our happiest days, humans (of all ages) and pets dressed in zubaz and a few mentions of folding tables, it’s all here. The Buffalo Bills themselves even threw in their two cents!

Here are 32 ways you know without a doubt you’re in Bills Country:



1. We’ll start: The Shout song has been played at every wedding you’ve ever been to‬

by @stepoutbuffalo

2. “You say GO BILLS instead of goodbye.”

Submitted by @buffalobills (Verified)

3. You can go anywhere in the world and find another Bills fan 🙌

Submitted by @thebuffalocreative

4. When your child’s School District sends out a “go bills” email

Submitted by Christina Miller on Facebook

5. You wouldn’t dare use the toilet in the place you’re drinking, but you still trust their wings.

Submitted by Terrence McNamara

Buffalo Bills Game in 2014 / Step Out Buffalo
Buffalo Bills Game in 2014 / Step Out Buffalo

6. When you look at a folding table and wonder if it collapses in the middle.

Submitted by Kaitlyn Marie

7. You avoid the shit-show of any Western New York Wegmans on a Sunday morning. Always get your beer and snacks on Saturday!

Submitted by Christine Waikiki


8. It is perfectly acceptable (and expected) to wear your Bills gear during your Friday morning zoom meeting!

Submitted by Verity Schwab-Folan

9. When your daughter who has relocated to Utah was greeted by surprised faces to “we never met a real Bills fan before.”

Submitted by Kathleen Kolczynski

10. When random people on the street just yell “HEY EYY EYY EYYYYY” like 6 other random people all yell it back.

Submitted by Seth Mosher

Game Day Bar Crawl
Step Out Buffalo’s Game Day Bar Crawl

11. You’re eating WINGS & WECK at 9 A.M.

Submitted by Brett Frasier

12. You remember the entire Bills Franchise History, but you forgot what you had for breakfast!

Submitted by Theresa Dempster

13. You end work emails with “Go Bills!”

Submitted by Shanika Johnson-Coleman

14. We entered the reception to the “shout” song!

Submitted by Mike Dromms

15. The words “wide right” make you shudder

Submitted by Lori Melton Mergler

16. My kids school take breaks during day n dismissal just to play the shout song 🤣🤣

Submitted by Tiffany Bass

17. You’re constantly debating ranch vs blue cheese (Editors note: with non-Buffalonians we assume)

Submitted by Cathy Ryan

18. On Thanksgiving, somebody ruins the evening by jumping through the table.

Submitted by Derek Rose


Step Out Buffalo’s Game Day Bar Crawl

19. U know who Irv is!

Submitted by Brennen Munzel

20. Home Depot is sold out of white folding tables for 10 weeks in advance of the home opener within 50 miles of your current location. 

Submitted by John In Buffalo

21. You roll down your window to yell “heyy-eyy-ayy-eyy!” At anyone wearing bills paraphernalia

Submitted by @amylynn_r0921

22. You wear Zubaz pants unironically.

Submitted by @lyonsgt

23. People don’t even say “go Bills” but “F*ck Tom Brady”

Submitted by @pwcustomart

24. You knock on doors to the tune of “let’s go Buffalo.”

Submitted by @honeybee25879

25. The liquor store sells “Mafia Juice”.

Submitted by @artosally


26. When tailgating is an art form

Submitted by ma_shell_lee

27. When your infant wears zubaz. And you know what zubaz are.

Submitted by @jazzmanandmabes

28. You bring a piece of Buffalo / Bills clothing every time you go on vacation and it never fails that you meet another person from Buffalo…we’re everywhere 😂💃🏼

Submitted by @jessieh33

29. Wegmans is a sea of red and blue on Sunday mornings ❤️💙

Submitted by @cliberta32

30. You love the new buffalo ranch hummus but you’re afraid your friends will bury you in blue cheese if they find out.

Submitted by @ithacahummus

31. U hear random horn honking and shouting from strangers because ur in team colors!! REPRESENT!

Submitted by @amandita2886

32. Everyone hates Bon Jovi

Submitted by @baileyk716


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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Emily Morrow</a>

Written by Emily Morrow

Emily is co-founder and Director of Storytelling at Step Out Buffalo. Her favorite things to do are eat, travel, and think up business ideas. Emily is originally from Hamburg, NY and her out of town friends will tell you that she loves to talk about Buffalo any chance she gets.


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