We Tried The Beer-Infused Custard at In The Mix, Here’s What We Thought

In The Mix Brewery & Creamery
Photo courtesy of In The Mix Brewery & Creamery

So, in case you guys weren’t aware, this just in: Western New York is now home to New York’s FIRST EVER beer-infused custard. SAY WHAT?! Yup, that’s right.

(aka the most divine pairing you have ever heard of). We’ve got the gold. And let me tell ya, it tastes just as heavenly as it sounds.

We’re totally obsessed with the flavors they’re concocting. Keep in mind they’re constantly rolling out new surprises with the seasons. As of right now, the beer custards they’re serving (all $6!) are:

  • Summer Porter : Vanilla Custard / Barker Porter / Activated Charcoal
  • ButterScotch Ale: Caramel Custard / Scotch Ale / Butterfinger
  • Roccos Red : Double Chocolate Custard / Roccos Red Wine / Chocolate Chunk / Raspberry Swirl
  • Patriot Blend: Vanilla custard / Patriot Blend Wine / Blueberry & Raspberry Swirl


They also serve some super fun *adult* milkshakes as well. Currently, they’ve got a passionfruit shake made with swirl frozen custard, cream liqueur, and passionfruit drizzle (got me at cream liqueur), and a s’more shake made with their Bonfire Stout frozen custard, Irish cream, chocolate liqueur, marshmallow and graham cracker (okay, not sharing).

And of course, they’ve got homemade non-alcoholic custards and shakes as well- with plenty of options to satisfy your sweet tooth, including cookie dough, mint chip, chocolate peanut butter and lemon sorbet.

In The Mix Brewery & Creamery
Photo courtesy of In The Mix Brewery & Creamery

If you’d rather drink your calories the old-fashioned way- or try it all (no judgments here), we’ve got the latest list of brews for ya (take-home also available):

  • Blackberry Witbier    /    Bright witbier infused with loads of blackberry puree.
  • Irish Red Ale    /    Clean roasted notes and a medium body make this a flavorful yet drinkable spring classic.
  • Barker Porter    /    Bright clean roasted notes, not heavy very drinkable
  • Blonde Ale    /    Crisp and clean with biscuit and mild caramel notes.
  • Orange-Asm    /    Juicy Orange With A Creamsicle Finish
  • Swurl Milkshake IPA    /    Full bodied, mild to moderate bitterness, hazy juice bomb saturated with Amarillo hops and passionfruit puree
  • Shock Top    /   Belgian White
  • R.G. Scotch Ale    /   Wee Heavy Scotch ale packed with flavor, rich toffee, caramel and cherry notes.


 In The Mix Brewery & Creamery
Photo courtesy of In The Mix Brewery & Creamery

And *food*, you ask? In the Mix has a small, but mighty menu consisting of some the best burgers we’ve ever had, honestly. And let me clarify- these aren’t your average burgers. They’re anything but average. We’re talking high grade Angus, eggs, beer cheese, candied bacon, waffle buns, etc. A fan-favorite (SOB-approved) is the Lancastrian, aka ½ lb Angus, bacon, a fried egg, pan fried sweet potato, maple cheddar cheese and brown sugar brûlée all on a waffle bun- now that’s one mouthwatering son of a gun. But if breakfast on a burger isn’t your thing, they’ve got plenty of other options, including the Jorgy burger, which is topped with candied bacon, cheddar cheese and their tasty beer cheese on a brioche bun. You can’t ever go wrong there. Just one word of advice: whatever you do, make sure you leave room for custard!

If you ask us, it’s so worth the drive out there. They might just have the cold summer treat you never knew you needed.


In the Mix Brewing & Creamery

1693 East Ave, Barker, NY 14012


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