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Written by Courtney Kelly

Published on February 12, 2020
swan street diner

Swan Street Diner / Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Buffalo is becoming the food destination city to get mouthwatering meals that you simply can’t get anywhere else. According to this article, they claim that “Buffalo has quietly morphed into one of American’s great food cities.” And we have to say, it’s about time somebody noticed! The article highlights 7 of Buffalo’s beloved local restaurants and we’re excited to share their favorites with you!


1. Swan Street Dinner

Swan Street Diner has one of the best brunches that Buffalo has to offer. You can enjoy your delicious breakfast all within the original 1930s diner train car! Don’t forget, you can’t leave without trying one of their biscuits drenched in sausage gravy, or some fried mini donuts.


2. Ted’s Hotdogs

If you grew up around Buffalo, then you know that a Ted’s dog, a large pop, and a summer night was the ultimate trio as a kid. Ted’s hotdogs are cooked to perfection over a charcoal grill. We dare you to find a hotdog that’s tastier than Ted’s. Plus, the reviewers couldn’t get enough of their house-made hot sauce. I mean, have you tried it? We’d be raving about it too!


3. Charlie the Butcher

Ok, when we say Charlie the Butcher the first thing that should come to your mind is a juicy beef on weck. The article shouted out specifically the Elmwood Village location for their masterpiece of a sandwich. Also, the reviewers suggested ordering a side of au jus to dunk your weck into. Talk about a game changer!


4. Watson’s Chocolates

We’ve mentioned a lot of savory meals, but we can’t let the sweets go unnoticed. As we’re sure you can imagine, highlighted Buffalo’s sweetest delicacy, that’s right, sponge candy. “It’s one of those more-ish snacks you think you’ll be able to stop at one, but can.” If you’re from Buffalo, you’ve totally thrown back a box of sponge candy in one sitting. (no shame)


5. Bocce Pizza

Buffalo-pizza is like no other. We’ve developed our own brand of pizza that’s incomparable to any other city. Although each Buffalonian has their own go-to pizza joint that they stan, Bocce’s and their sweet sauce win this round.


6. Chef’s

Do we need to say more? We have dreams about eating the ooey gooey spaghetti parm at Chef’s. It’s lightly tossed in marinara sauce, coated in mozzarella and baked into pure mouthwatering perfection. It’s the perfect meal to help us stay sane during our Buffalo winters.


7. Anchor Bar

Last but not least, gave credit to the home of the Buffalo wing! I mean, you can’t visit Buffalo and not devour a plate of wings from Anchor Bar, it’s just not right! 


Want more? Read everything they had to say in the full article here >

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Courtney Kelly</a>

Written by Courtney Kelly

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