Here’s Why The Broadway Market Deserves All The Hype

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Written by Step Out Staff

Published on March 16, 2022
The Broadway Market in Buffalo, NY
Butter Lambs / Photo x Jessica Kelly

Buffalonians are known to take their holidays pretty seriously, and the Broadway Market deserves all the hype when it comes to stocking up on local goods for our cherished celebrations. While their is plenty to enjoy year round, during the Lenten season, the Broadway market is a must-visit destination for Easter and Dyngus Day essentials.

A trip to the Broadway Market is something the whole family can enjoy too and can easily turn into an annual tradition.  If we reeled you in with our intro, here’s what you need to know when planning your visit to The Broadway Market:


Broadway Market / Photo x Jessica Kelly

For starters, expect it to be busy, but in the best way, you know the kind of busy that tells you everything here has to be that good. Plus, the market is known for its quality service so the vendors will be bustling around to quickly help the next customer.

At any given time, you’ll typically find around 40 vendors here, specializing in a wide range of foods, goods, and services, all from diverse backgrounds. This includes everything from fresh seafood and meats to canned goods, wines, and baked goods. With your first steps into the market, you’ll immediately be hit with sensory overload –sounds of sizzling sausage, the aroma of grilled vegetables, and sweet scents of sugary pastries. But that’s not all, outside of decadent food goods, the Market also has wood-crafted items, apparel, jewelry, trinkets, and more. Check out the full list of their vendors here!


So what’s the big deal for Easter and Dyngus Day? For an authentic Polish celebration, you’ll find everything you need: renowned pierogi and Polish sausage vendors, iconic butter lambs, and of course you can’t forget to pick up a bundle of pussy willows and a flower crown!

With the market’s focus on local products, you can feel good about supporting the local producers and business owners in our region.

To learn more about The Broadway Market, its history, and its vendors, be sure to check out their Facebook.

Broadway Market

999 Broadway Buffalo, New York 14212


Since 1888, the Broadway Market has been known for unique products and personal service, with meat stands, poultry stands, produce counters, bakeries, ...


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Written by Step Out Staff

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