Where To Find Some Great Pizza In Buffalo’s Northtowns

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Written by Mandy Spencer

Published on February 26, 2020
Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Bocce Club Pizza / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

We’re so spoiled in Buffalo. 

It’s actually insane how much local talent there is in the Buffalo food scene. Many Buffalonians, myself included, find that our Buffalo-style pizza is superior to other cities. Because it is, no question. To the many good, hard-working pizza shops that have mastered that cheesy, doughy indulgence and flavor, we thank you.

And as for the establishments that bring other styles of pizza to our city (neapolitan, NY-style, etc.), you do your job with such passion in giving the city a variety of dining experiences.

This talent is not concentrated in one region, town, or neighborhood either. It’s vast and abundant and amazing all over the city. One of the best things about Buffalo is that you don’t have to always be bored with the same places or options, nor do you have to go far to try something new. 

So for our friends in the North—this one’s for you today. In no particular order, here are several pizza places in Buffalo’s Northtowns that bring their heart and soul to the table everyday.

Pizza & love,


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1. Bocce Club Pizza 

Multiple locations / Website

The epitome of Buffalo-style pizza. Thick, crispy, cheesy, saucy, and overly indulgent, Bocce Club Pizza is pretty much local royalty. These guys have known what they’re doing here for quite some time now and it shows!


Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Muscarella’s Pizza / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

2. Muscarella’s Pizza

5526 Main St #6702, Williamsville, NY 14221 / Website

A Williamsville favorite. If you like all the crisp and crunch, Muscarella’s will suit your fancy. They are one of the few places around that cuts their circular pizzas into square slices as a default.


Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Mattina’s Pizza / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

3. Mattina’s Pizza

6040 Sheridan Dr, Amherst, NY 14221 / Website

Sweet sauce success and jam-packed with flavor. Mattina’s is one of the few places that has mastered not over-burning the crust, but being able to still get perfectly charred pepperoni edges and maintaining a good, chewy dough.


Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Mustachio’s Pizza / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

4. Mustachio’s Pizza

2701 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217 / Website

Known for having the perfect crust thickness, Mustachio’s consistently brings their A-game. They may arguably have the best cup-and-char pepperoni in Buffalo as well (grease pools = *heart eyes*).


Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Pizza Works Etc. / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

5. Pizza Works Etc. 

712 Maple Road, Williamsville, NY 14221 / Website

A thick, fluffy, doughy dream for all the carb lovers out there. If you appreciate Buffalo-style pizza to any degree, you will enjoy Pizza Works Etc. And the service is just delightful tooan added bonus.


Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Franco’s Pizza / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

6. Franco’s Pizza

Multiple locations / Website

Probably one of the only places around town that their pepperoni is a combination of cup-and-char and regular pepperoni. So extra points for uniqueness! Their buttery, crispy crust has a taste unlike any other pizza place here. Franco’s does have several locations around town too.


Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Penny’s Pizza / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

7. Penny’s Pizza

3289 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217 / Website

This one’s for the sweet sauce lovers! Penny’s has the perfect ratio of their sweet sauce and chewy mozzarella goodness, which can make or break things. Any place that isn’t shy on the toppings is a place worth checking out either.


Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Olisi’s Pizza / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

8. Olisi’s NY Pizza

2352 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150 / Website

Thin-crust pizza for those looking to try something different one night. These pies are pretty big to feed the fam! Choose to eat there at their casual dining area or bring back home for a night in.


Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Zetti’s Pizza / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

9. Zetti’s Pizza & Pasta

4621 Maple Rd #1037, Amherst, NY 14226 / Website

Big slices for your big appetite. If you’re indecisive, Zetti’s has so many different thin-crust pizzas to choose from on display at the counter.


Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Forno Napoli / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

10. Forno Napoli

1280 Sweet Home Rd #105, Buffalo, NY 14228 / Website

Watch your neapolitan pizza be made right before you. Forno Napoli’s open kitchen and dining area let’s you see the cooks in action and the pizza coming out hot! The team is just so kind here and will make you smile.


Buffalo's Northtowns pizza

Tappo Pizza / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

11. Tappo Pizza

166 Chandler St, Buffalo, NY 14207 / Website

Get a delicious, personal pizza from Tappo’s wood fire and pair with a Thin Man beer. We love that woodsey, smokey taste! Seat yourself and enjoy the bustling atmosphere—it always seems to be packed, which is not a bad problem to have! 

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Mandy Spencer</a>

Written by Mandy Spencer

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