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Lock & Key Escape Room Buffalo

Imagine this – you’re going about your business at work one afternoon when your office is suddenly plagued with a deadly Zombie disease, transforming it’s victims into mindless walking dead. As fate would have it, you’re bitten. #cantcatchabreak. You and your friends (also infected, naturally) have no choice but to find the antidote in less than an hour – or risk life as a Zombie for-ev-er.

Video game? No. Bad dream? Not exactly. Escape room theme? Yes.

“Virus Outbreak”, as they call it, is just one of two thrilling escape room themes at one of Buffalo’s very first escape rooms, Lock & Key on Elmwood Avenue. The second theme, “House of Secrets”, features the rescue mission of renowned antiquarian and occultist Dexter Worthington who has disappeared.

If you’re new to the whole escape room idea, prepare to fall in love with your new favorite group activity – an interactive adventure game filled with puzzles and riddles that you work through with a group of friends to solve in order to meet your end goal: get the hell outta there (AKA escape) in under one hour. Did we mention these things aren’t exactly easy? Meaning there’s a good chance you’ll actually feel challenged and therefore have an absolute blast. Now time to enter to win a free go at Lock & Key’s Escape Room!



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Giveaway Details:

Prize: One Escape Room experiences for you and up to 5 friends

Location: Lower Front Suite, 504 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

When: Whenever you want! (based on their hours)

Giveaway Entry Deadline: Sunday, July 17th @ 5 pm (We’ll contact the winner via email by Monday!)

See giveaway rules here.


For more info about Lock & Key Escape Room and to book a spot now visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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