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Step Out Buffalo and Buffalo Booze Box have joined forces to offer a COVID-era service for wine lovers in Western New York – Step Out Buffalo Wine Club by Buffalo Booze Box.

The boxes offer a great way to try multiple wines, explore the profiles of varying wine-producing regions and discover new favorite varietals.  In the event that you try something that you adore, bottles and cases of the featured wines can be purchased on the Buffalo Booze Box website.

SOB Wine Club x Buffalo Booze Box

Carefully Curated & Packaged

Our Wines

Purchasers (Erie County residents only) will enjoy monthly deliveries of five (5) single-servings of various wines.  Each serving of wine will be canned in a 6.3 ounce aluminum can by a machine Buffalo Booze Box purchased that preserves the quality and lifespan of wine, providing a slightly heavy pour; a typical glass of wine is just 5 ounces.  Each delivery comes with tasting notes and information about the included wines.

“During a year of continuously having to reinvent the idea of “stepping out”, we’re extremely excited to launch a Step Out Buffalo Wine Club to help people do just that – and from the comfort of their own couch. We love the way this partnership with Buffalo Booze Box encourages Western New Yorkers to try new wines and enjoy the experience along the way,” says Step Out Buffalo co-founder Emily Morrow. “You might not be able to go to Cork Head Wine Festival this February or Buffalo Bloody Mary Fest in March, but we’re ecstatic to be able to offer this brand new boozy experience in the meantime.”

SOB Wine Club x Buffalo Booze Box


Subscription plans span three months and six months, as well as a continuous month-to-month option.  Wine lovers can also opt for a single one-time purchase.  Boxes and delivery within Erie County start at $45/box with discounts for longer subscription commitments.

Missing events and festivals? We encourage Erie County residents who long for the pre-covid days of attending tasting festivals to check out our month-to-month subscription. Immerse yourself in the experience of exploring new wines, varietals, and profiles of wine producing regions from the comfort of your own couch while you pass time until we can get exciting events like Cork Head Wine Festival going again!

One Time Box

A carefully curated wine box brought to you by our friends at Step Out Buffalo, fulfilled and managed by Buffalo Booze Box.

3-month Subscription

Purchase a 3 month subscription as a gift or enjoy it yourself to get a 5.5% savings over three months.

6-month Subscription

Purchase a 6 month subscription as a gift or enjoy it yourself to get an 11% saving over six months.

Each sample is a "heavy pour"

“As an avid explorer of wine, I’m thrilled to share my passion with the city I love.  If you enjoy wine but want to know more about it, this wine club is an affordable way to keep expanding your knowledge and palate.” 

– Buffalo Booze Box founder, Jake Strawser

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Step Out Buffalo Wine Club





A reoccurring monthly wine subscription brought to you by Step Out Buffalo, fulfilled and managed by Buffalo Booze Box. Each box includes (5) 6.3 oz Cans of Wine; Wine Tasting Notes; Home Delivery; 20% Off Bottle Access as part of month-to-month subscription.


Valentine’s Day

Order by Feb. 5 to get a box delivered before Valentine’s Day! Missed this deadline? You can still order and give as the gift that keeps on giving – you’ll just get it delivered at a later date.


In-hand Valentine’s Day Order Deadline:

Feb 5, 2021


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