WNY is Known For Many Things But This World Record Holder Takes The [Pan]Cake

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Written by Step Out Staff

Published on April 27, 2022

When it comes to breaking World Records, one would think in WNY it would involve snow or wings but that’s not the case. One WNY man, Dominic ‘Mike’ Cuzzacrea aka “The Pancake Man” holds two Guinness World Records and they both involve pancakes.

The Records:

Fastest Marathon Flipping a Pancake

On October 24, 1999 Cuzzacrea completed the Casino Niagara International Marathon all while flipping a pancake continuously in a frying pan. For how long? 3 hr 2 min 27 seconds!


Photo courtesy of The Guinness World Records

Highest Pancake Toss

Cuzzacrea was back at it with his pancake skills on November 13, 2010, but this time for a pancake toss. Breaking the record for the highest pancake toss, it measured 31 ft 1 in and was done in front of bystanders at the Walden Galleria Mall. Dominic beat his own previous record by 11.8 in!

After his achievements, Cuzzacrea has gone on to make an appearance on the Tonight Show as well as holding the Olympic torch!

Check out more World Records achieved in WNY here!

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Step Out Staff</a>

Written by Step Out Staff

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