5 WNY Yoga Studios That Offer Super Unique Classes

Written by Courtney Kelly
Published on February 20, 2019
Love in Motion Yoga

Love in Motion Yoga / Photo x @bridgetschaefer

Is it just us, or is sticking to your workout routine a huge challenge in these legit *frigid* winter months? Not only does it get dark way too early, but it’s just cold, like all the time. We know – we’re preachin’ to the choir.

We know how easy it is to sprint home after a long day of work or classes, throw on some sweatpants, and eat all the carbs. But bathing suit season is always right around the corner people! One type of workout that is suitable for almost anyone: yoga. Western New York offers a wide variety of yoga classes – from basics to aerial, there’s likely a studio near you that can accommodate your age and level.


We came up with the ultimate guide to yoga studios that offer unique classes that will probably, maybe ~totally~ make it worth leaving your house. So grab your workout buddy and try one of the many yoga studios WNY has to offer.

Think we missed one? Send us some information at editiorial@stepoutbuffalo.com!


Photo courtesy of Shine Yoga

1. Shine Yoga

22 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Hamburg, NY 14075


Shine Yoga WNY offers an assortment of classes, 7 days a week that change seasonally and vary in style. They provide traditional Hatha classes, fast-paced vinyasa, anatomy-focused, power, restorative, meditation, beginners, and everything in between. At Shine, you are bound to find something suitable for your comfort level.

The studio offers Buti Yoga that takes place every third Friday of the month. Buti, in Indian Marathi, means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.” This practice is a high-intensity fusion of yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics. The class combines cardio, strength training, and flexibility in one seamless format. Buti creates a strong, empowered group that resembles a tribe.

Another perk is that this studio is conveniently located above The Grange, so you can grab a coffee, snack, or meal after your killer workout session! Yes, we do realize how often we reference things in proximity to The Grange, and no we’re not sorry.


Power Yoga Buffalo

Photo courtesy of Power Yoga Buffalo

2. Power Yoga Buffalo

758 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY. | 4575 Main Street, Snyder, NY. | 123 Gray Street, East Aurora, NY.


With 3 convenient locations around WNY, Power Yoga Buffalo challenges you to push yourself to be the best that you can be. You are always welcome, regardless of your skill level. PYB offers an assortment of heated, and non-heated classes for beginners and those who are more advanced.

They also offer a few specialty classes that are worth checking out! One of our favorite classes that PYB offers is Karma Classes. The instructors donate their time to teach these classes, and all of the money raised goes to a different charity each month. This is perfect for those who may be a little intimated to start their yoga journey because it gives you the opportunity to test your skill level, and the cost of the class goes to an amazing organization. You’re in charge of determining your desired donation, but the studio encourages a $5.00 minimum!

PYB also offers the perfect class for those of you who really want to let loose and have fun with your workout. PYBeats is a traditional PYB 75 flow, but with a twist! Each class is set to hip hop beats, but pre-warning, the lyrics may get a little explicit.



Photo courtesy of Evolution Yoga

3. Evolation Yoga Buffalo

476 Rhode Island Street, Buffalo NY


Fun fact about Evolation Yoga Buffalo: They were the first studio to bring Bikram’s yoga method to WNY according to their website. This historic studio is centrally located in Buffalo’s West Side. Evolation Yoga Buffalo offers a wide variety of hot yoga classes that range from different temperatures and durations. Perfect for sweating out these winter blues. Although this studio takes pride in their Bikram sessions, they also offer class options for those who prefer room temperature yoga, including a Still 30 meditation class that immediately follows each Warm 60 class. Don’t worry, drop-ins are always welcome for those who just want to come and meditate.

Currently, the studio is offering an Ecstatic Dance Journey every Saturday at 7 PM. No dance experience is necessary for this practice of mindful free-form movement and community. During this class, you will be guided through the elements (earth-water-fire-air-ether) on a themed electronic conscious music ride that creates space for individual expression, healing, sensuality, and FUN. Come and express your true self by stretching, moving and grooving, or whatever your heart desires! This is a judgment-free zone.


Love in Motion Yoga

Photo courtesy of Love in Motion Yoga

4. Love in Motion Yoga

1250 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY


Have you ever wanted to do yoga with goats? Yeah, goats. Well, Love in Motion Yoga has made that possible for you. If you enjoy a serious workout, but still enjoy having fun while doing so, Love in Motion is the studio for you! Their mission: harmonize groovy, laid back vibes with intelligent, kind and constructive asana practice to create an inclusive (and possibly sticky, sweaty) total body and mind experience. The instructors are down to earth and welcoming to every person that walks through their doors. Aside from the many unique Vinyasa classes the studio offers, they also provide many exclusive classes that stand out from your traditional yoga studio.

Soul Rx is a vinyasa class set to groovy, chill, deep, healing beats. This class is designed for anyone willing to experiment and explore the creative side of their practice, while still dropping a beat and letting the music take control.

HIIT the Flow is a combo class that guarantees that you will get your sweat on, as well as your stretch on. The class is 45 minutes of high-intensity interval training, followed by 30 minutes of slow stretchy yoga.  Plus, they offer a ton of events and workshops offered in-studio and around the community – 10 outta 10 recommend checking out their upcoming events.


One Yoga

Photo courtesy of One Yoga

5. One Yoga

Lewiston, NY 14092


For our adventure enthusiasts, we have the perfect place for you! One Yoga is rooted in nature, outside the confines of one studio. This is serious business; we’re talking about traveling yoga. This yoga experience offers scenic adventures, group classes, and private instruction throughout WNY. Upcoming classes include Root to Rise: a yoga and DIY plant class, and Flying at The Bird’s Nest, a studio that specializes in aerial fitness.

Studios Recommended by You!

Raw Renewal Yoga

17 Court Street Buffalo, NY 14204


Our readers are going nuts over Raw Renewal Yoga, so of course, we had to add it to the list! Raw Renewal prides themselves in creating a warm and welcoming environment for anyone that walks through their door. They focus on healing the mind, body, and soul through consistent practice, focus, and love for yourself.

Raw Renewal offers classes that are open to all levels such as Flow, but they also offer an assortment of unique classes that focus on muscle toning and weight training. HotCore is a 30-minute class, broken into pre-sequenced sets to maximize muscle toning, look and, functionality. The class is done in socks to facilitate fluid “drag” or friction creating resistance. This class will totally take you outside of your yoga comfort zone!

The studio also offers Fit Flow classes for those that want to spice up their yoga routine. Fit Flow uses free weights to challenge you in each yoga pose and adds in calisthenic training to intensify your practice.


Heart Fire Yoga

442 Connecticut St, Buffalo, NY 14213


The goal of Heart Fire Yoga is to prioritize the needs of people of color, LGBTQ+, women, and those affected by trauma and addiction. This welcoming studio makes sure to keep all body types in mind when designing their classes!

Heart Fire Yoga focuses on inclusive, community-focused classes. One of our readers suggested Kundalini. This is a 75-minute class that dynamically combines physical and spiritual exercises-chanting, asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breath work), mudra (hand positions), and meditation- to balance and open energy centers and bodily systems, as well as raise consciousness and awareness. Each practice will focus on a different energy center or bodily function.

Besides the heated and unheated classes they offer, Heart Fire Yoga offers monthly workshops and events, guest speakers, and is a space for community gatherings. One event to keep on your radar each month is YoGay. This monthly series is educational and workshop-oriented. Students will experience yoga through practice and hands-on experience, as well as, through lecture. All levels are welcome to attend!


I Am Yoga Buffalo

5459 Main Street 2nd Floor, Williamsville, NY 14221


I Am Yoga Buffalo, located in Williamsville is bringing the heat with hot yoga. Yep, thats right, each room is heated to  levels reaching as high as 108 degrees. Hot yoga is proven to improve flexibility while at the same time, lowering stress and enhancing one’s overall health.

Sounds interesting but maybe you’ve never tried it? No worries, they offer classes for all different skill levels. Plus for first-timers, they’ve got an intro special! Their options consist of hot 26/2, forrest and vinyasa classes. 26/2 is a challenging 90 minute practice that improves physical strength, flexibility and balance while enhancing mental clarity and focus. It consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a heated room. Forrest Yoga is renowned as an intensely physical and internally focused practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life. Vinyasa Flow yoga is powerful, energetic and playful. Each class has a strong emphasis on breath and allows beginners, intermediate and advanced students to be challenged at the same time. Just remember that with these classes being as hot as they are, hydration before and after a session is crucial.


Do you have a specialty class in mind that we didn’t mention? Send us some information at editiorial@stepoutbuffalo.com! WNY has a variety of Yoga studios, but these are just some of the ones that really stand out to us. Also, make sure to check the websites we provided for package and class deals. Namaste Buffalo!


Courtney Kelly






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