World’s Healthiest Eating Competition Comes to Erie County Fair

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Plot twist: the Erie County Fair is home to world’s healthiest eating championship.

Do regular eating competitions gross you out? Same. Like, why do people like watching Joey Chestnut inhale 3 million hot dogs faster than a normal person can enjoy one? 

FINALLY, there is an eating competition we can get behind. Because it’s not gross. And involves food that’s actually nutritious and good for you. And reigning how dog eating champion Joey Chestnut will be participating in this one too so the pressure is on.

Picture eating a bowl of kale salad, now picture eating a few bowls of kale salad. Now picture eating 25 bowls of kale salad. Last year’s champion, Gideon Oji, ate 25 bowls of kale in eight minutes to bring home the trophy. If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is.

Healthy Options, a program created by Independent Health Foundation and Buffalo’s #1 go-to for all things health, presents Kale Yeah!, a healthy eating competition as an alternative to most eating competitions, where you wonder how someone’s stomach can physically handle that. 50 hot dogs? Come on, that can’t be healthy.

Last year’s Kale Yeah! competition was held at the Taste of Buffalo, but catch this year’s at the Erie County Fair. Add this to the long list of fair activities you won’t want to miss: cute animal petting, fried dough eating, sweet rides. There will also be plenty of healthy options offered by different vendors because not all fair food has to be unhealthy.



Where: Erie County Fair

WhenAugust 9th – 20th, 2017

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